how to sew a jacket: lining


here are the next steps for the jacket(part1, part2, part3, part4, part5):

DSCF6804 I pinned that 2cm fold in the centre back together

DSCF6805and sewed the first cm with normal stitching, the main part with wide stitching Read the rest of this entry

analogue photographs in black and white


I finally won my fight with the scanner and got presentable digital versions of my black and white film I shot back in January. Here are those I like best: Read the rest of this entry

how to sew a dress: first seams


here are the next steps for the dress (part1, part2)

DSCF6789I cut the collar of a really soft fusible interlining


DSCF6791and ironed it onto the wrong side of the fabric Read the rest of this entry

blue and brown outfit

DSCF6801 DSCF6802turtle-neck: athmosphere

vest/waistcoat: tally weijl

pants: TailorFairy collection (etsy-store)

boots: Tamaris

how to sew a jacket: lining, cutting and first seams


I dont know if its news-worthy anywhere outside of Berlin, Germany, but did you hear we have an measles-epidemic in Berlin? Because most people do not get vaccinated anymore it seems. I am vaccinated so I am pretty relaxed and mostly see the fun in a city in panic. But it really is worth paying attention to all the people moving their scarf up to cover their face as soon as they enter the underground train, or those others who dig into their pockets, to find a tissue to cover their hand before they touch anything, and I am sure its not that they suffer from OCD. Well anyhow, it keeps my train rides funny at the moment, which I need since they repair the tracks on my normal route and my alternative takes me 1.5 hours one way instead of just 1 hour.

Here are the next steps for the jacket(part1, part2, part3, part4):

DSCF6784I placed all lining pattern pieces on the lining, minding the grain line.

DSCF6785the back parts get cut in fold. I added 2cm to each pattern, 4cm in total when de-folded, to do a pleat in the centre back which will make moving in the jacket a lot easier, and the lining less likely to rip at the centre back Read the rest of this entry

how I sewed my camera-bag: sewing part4


here are the last steps for my camera-bag, the other parts can be found here: part1, part2, part3 and part4

DSCF6690I sewed the side-seams of the outside-bag and put the inside-bag in it

DSCF6691one last fitting test Read the rest of this entry

how to sew a dress: cutting


I finally made some progress on the dress (part1). Its just a few pictures, but I thought I would show you nonetheless.

DSCF6780the fabric is very slippery, so I used weights, to keep it in the right place

DSCF6781and lots of pins

DSCF6782to keep the pattern pieces in place

DSCF6783the collar I need twice, and I cut out all other pattern pieces, besides the skirt parts which need to be made into a plisse and at the moment I do not have enough money for it, so I will do that later and finish the upper dress first ;)

well I hope this was helpful for you, let me know if you have any questions!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

how to sew a jacket: pattern for the lining


I finally got back to working on the jacket. You can find the first parts here: part1, part2 and part3

DSCF6753last I pinned a sewed the facing all around  Read the rest of this entry

organizing sewing supplies: threads


I remembered I started a post series about how I organize my sewing supplies a while ago, but could not remember why I stopped. So I thought I might just start again and hope you are still interested in it.

Here is how I keep my threads organized:

DSCF6769This shelf is mostly used to keep all my different kinds of thread in order. Read the rest of this entry

how I sewed my camera-bag: sewing part3


so guess what? When I just beat my first cold there was  a second one waiting for me around the corner, knocking me down and keeping me in bed for last week. :( I hope my sewing machines weren’t missing me to bad. Anyhow thats why there haven’t been any of the promised tutorials uploaded. I am hoping for the best and will try again. The new burda came to stores last wednesday, but I only found one pattern I might consider sewing. So I thought I still have 2 burda-projects to finish and I will do that first and this month pattern will be up for the vote together with patterns I find in next months issue.

Anyhow here are the next steps for the camera bag, the other parts are here: part1, part2 and part3

DSCF6677next I pinned the corners of the pocket and pocket-cover together and sewed

DSCF6678then I placed the pocket on the outside-bag

DSCF6679tested the size Read the rest of this entry

how I sewed my camera-bag: sewing part2


here are the next steps for my camera bag. You can find the other parts here: part1 and part2.

DSCF6665I sewed the inside lens-bag to the inside-bag

DSCF6666looks like this, then I sewed the other strip closed at the top Read the rest of this entry

green outfit

DSCF6747 DSCF6748sweater: C&A

necklace: from my grandma

belt: no name

pants: made by me (my etsy store)

boots: tamaris


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