how I sewed my camera-bag: sewing part1


now it happened again, my voice is gone ;) somehow that happens every time I get a cold. I dont know why my vocal cords are so sensitive. Luckily I do not need to talk to blog, so here are the next steps for my camera bag. By the way, I got the pictures of my first developed films and I only totally ruined maybe 1 or 2 pictures per film, by not using the right amount of light. I am kind of proud most pictures look ok and a few even good. :)

DSCF6657after cutting all pattern-parts twice I pinned and sewed the first seams at the inside-parts

DSCF6658then I sewed the 2 lens-casings together, right side facing each other Read the rest of this entry

My master craftsman of tailoring class: the inside of a sports coat


a cold has caught up with me, so I probably will not be able to sew and upload the next steps of the burda-tutorials. I am really sorry but getting well again right now seems to be more important. I need to buy lining for the jacket anyhow and that has to wait until next month, which luckily already is next week. ;)

Well anyway I thought I show you what I did in my master craftsman classes lately which was sewing a sports coat. So this is what a sports coat looks like when you first try it on a customer, which in this case was my dad and I have to make some changes, I will show you what it looks like whenever I finally finish it, since the rest of the sewing is not part of my classes.

IMG_0664 IMG_0665

I hope you are doing a lot better then me and if you have some to spare, send some sunshine my way.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

how I sewed my camera-bag: pattern


thanks for your vote about the tutorial for the camera-bag. Here it comes:

DSCF6648 (copy)so first I looked at my camera, thinking what parts should be covered, and what way that bag should look like

DSCF6649and I made this sketch Read the rest of this entry

how to sew a dress: pattern


the dress got the most votes of burda 2/15, so I started with the pattern:

DSCF6724I only had to copy the pattern-pieces for the bodice and sleeves, since the skirt is just rectangles. I added 1cm seam allowance all around each piece.

DSCF6726the sleeves need a facing, so I copied the marked part onto another paper Read the rest of this entry

blue beige and brown outfit

DSCF6722 DSCF6723blouse: made by me (tutorial)

slipover: knitted by me

pants: G Star

boots: Mustang


how to sew a jacket: finishing the outside


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, don’t forget to vote for the next burda tutorial and tell me your opinion about a camera tutorial. Here are the next steps for the jacket tutorial of burda 1/15, the other parts can be found here: part1, part2.

DSCF6713next I pinned the shoulder-back-part to the back-part and the side-part to the front part and the shoulder seams,

DSCF6716and also the sleeve-seams Read the rest of this entry

my christmas gift needed a bag


last christmas I decided to wish for something different, the last years it was always about things I needed, but this time I decided to wish for something I wanted and that was one of those cute retro analogue cameras of lomography. Most people do not think so, but I started taking pictures at a very young age, since my father was a big photography-nut and I used my different analogue cameras until 2008. Then I started to use my cellphone to snap pictures, later I started blogging and bought my bridge-digital-camera, which is great for blogging, don’t get me wrong. But somehow it is a tool, not an fun way to create something, as analogue cameras are for me. If you know me for a while now, you remember in 2012 I was for a month in the USA and the weekend I spend in Santa Monica I ended up in a urban outfitters store and saw those cute cameras, and they were analogue! But by then that was way to much money for me, so I managed to leave the store without a camera. Well, but that is how it started, and when I got asked what I wanted for christmas, I decided to just go for it and see if my love for analogue photography could be reignited. So far I have a lot of fun with it and its a great therapy for me, since I do not spend my time brooding over anything, but always looking for things worth to take a picture of. So I learn to see the small pretty things again.

Anyhow I am one of those persons always running around with big bags, so I have everything with me I might need. And I was getting a little worried about my poor Diana getting hurt in there. So I decided she needed a wearable airbag. When I had a little spare time last week I made here one:

DSCF6648Isn’t she a beauty?

DSCF6695I made her an open bag with elastics holding her in place, so I can easily take her out if there was a photo-oppertunity

DSCF6698 looks a lot saver ;)

Do you like photography as well? Would a tutorial for a bag like this be interesting for you?

keep sewing and smiling and taking fun pictures

your TailorFairy

for which pattern would you like a tutorial? burda 2/15


so yesterday a new burda style came to the store. Burda 2/2015. I found 3 patterns I like, and you can vote until next wednesday for which one you would like a tutorial. Don’t worry I will finish the jacket from burda 1/15. You will get 2 tutorials per week one for this month winner, one for last month winner until I finished.

Well here are the 3 patterns, all photos belong to burda, I paid the normal price for the magazine at the store:

IMG_0656 IMG_0657 IMG_0662 Jacket 1

IMG_0660 IMG_0659 IMG_0661Dress

IMG_0658 IMG_0663Jacket 2 (I will place the pockets a lot lower, for me it is kind of weird to place them so high on the jacket)

Well I hope one or more are interesting for you, you can vote for 1, 2 or all of them:

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


how to sew a jacket: fusible interlining and first seams


I hope you are all getting a nice start into the new year! Here are the next steps for the jacket of burda 1/15 that won last months vote. The first steps can be found here.

DSCF6699first I put the side-part and the shoulder and neck parts on fusible interlining. I used it, because my orange fabric is thinner then the dark brown, so I decided to even them out with vlieseline H410

DSCF6700then I ironed it onto the parts, placing some old fabric below Read the rest of this entry

how to sew a jacket: pattern and cutting


happy new year! I hope you all have a wonderful new year, with lots of creativity, crafting and sewing!

Thanks to the holidays I only got to start at the winning pattern of burda 01/15:

IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0652

I decided to do a 2 color version, so something in between the uni-color and the 3 color version in the magazine. Then I started copying the pattern pieces out of the pattern-sheets, there are 15 parts, on 2 different pattern sheets, so it took a lot longer then I thought. Read the rest of this entry

how to sew a blouse-top: hems and finished!


one day late, but none the less here are the final steps for the blouse top! You can still vote for the next tutorial until monday here. If you are just joining, here are the other parts of this project: part1, part2, part3.

DSCF6624first I marked my 2 cm hem allowance at hem and sleeve hem. Read the rest of this entry

how to sew a blouse-top: shoulders, side seams and sleeves

Heyhey, here are as promised the next steps for the blouse top. You can find the other parts here: part1 and part2. DSCF6619 next I pinned the other side seam, careful to match up the stripes Read the rest of this entry


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