My master craftsman of tailoring class: day 5 + 6


so on my 5th day in master craftsman class we talked about, how much money you would need to start your own business, what kind of things you would need. How many hours of the year are really filled with produktive work, and how many you need for other things, like administrative work, holidays, vacation and sick days.

The second class was about more company organisation structures, like the week before.

On saturday we started with our pattern making classes. which was kind of funny for me, since I learned my 4th pattern making system. But a lot of my classmates never learned about pattern making at all, and for them it was very confusingIMG_0474 we started with some measurements and did some maths to get the others we needed

IMG_0475then we started with the construction Read the rest of this entry

[10+6]: NÄHBLOG CONTEST – TailorFairy für Berlin


I know its a strange post-title for an english blog, but someone of my german readers must have nominated me for this blog-contest hosted by an online-fabric-store (which I did not know before). Thank you, dear reader, and for you I decided to take part, even though I guess I do not have a chance, since I blog in english and are not even posting regularly at the moment. Oh about that, last friday it was public holiday in Germany (24 years of reunited Germany) so I did not have any classes, and I will tell you about my classes from the other weekend tomorrow.

So for this contest I do have to do this blogpost with this title and I have to answer the following questions (translation is at the end of each answer, if needed):

[10 Fakten]:

name: Annica Vauk

aus: Berlin, jedenfalls zur Zeit (from: Berlin, at least for now)

bloggt seit: September 2011


näht mit: meistens meiner Husqvarna Daisy, ich habe aber auch Singer, Pfaff und weitere Maschinen (sews with: mostly my Husqvarna Daisy, but I also own machines from Singer, Pfaff and others) 

ich in drei worten: kreativ, bunt, organisiert (me in 3 words: creative, colorful, organized)

mein lieblingsplatz: suche ich noch (my favorite place: still searching for it)

daran arbeite ich gerade: meiner Kollektion, die nächsten Monat online geht (at the moment I am working on: my collection, which will be online for sale next month)

hier lese ich regelmäßig: Burda style, InStyle, wordpress reader suchwort nähen (what I am reading on a regular basis: burda style magazine, InStyle magazine, wordpress reader with the search word sewing)

mein motto: Was du nicht willst, was man dir tu, das füg’ auch keinem anderen zu. – why be normal, when you can be yourself. – das leben ist kurz (my motto: what you do not want to be done to you, you should not do to anybody else. – why be normal, when you can be yourself. – life is short.) 

[6 Fragen]:

[1.]: Was ist deiner Meinung nach das Erfolgsgeheimnis erfolgreicher Blogs?

Eine interessante Persönlichkeit, ein Gefühl von Freundschaft und ein spannender Schreibstil.

(What do you think is the secret of any successful blogs? an interesting personality, the feeling you are all friends and well written posts)  

[2.]: Woher schöpfst du Inspiration und den Mut und die Dinge immer wieder neu anzupacken?

Inspiration aus Leuten, die ich auf der Straße sehe, Fernsehserien, Fotos, aber am meisten aus Farben und Mustern und meiner Laune ;)

über das neu anpacken habe ich nie nachgedacht, ich mache das einfach, vielleicht ist mir auch einfach langweilig, wenn ich am Boden liege

(where do you get your inspirations from? and how do you find the courage to start things anew? Inspiration for me are people I see on the street, tv series, pictures, but mostly colors and prints and my mood ;) ; about the starting new I never thought before, I just do start new, maybe I get bored, when laying on the ground for to long)

[3.]: Welches sind deine 3 Lieblingsprojekte von anderen Usern?

Usern von was? (What are your 3 favorite projects of other users? users of what?) 

[4.]: Was hat dir bei deinem Start ins Bloggerleben geholfen?

Die ersten Leser, die an mich geglaubt haben, dass ich nicht ohne nähen kann, dass ich den Wunsch hatte Ansprechpartner zu sein, für Leute die nähen lernen und keinen anderen fragen können.

(what helped you with blogging at the beginning? my first readers, who believed in me. that I cant survive without sewing. that I wished to be the person you can ask about sewing troubles, when you have no one else)

[5]: In welchen Situationen stößt du an Grenzen bei deiner Arbeit?

nach 19 Uhr abends, da kann ich nicht mehr gut konzentriert arbeiten; bei echt leder und pelz, ich finde sie einfach schwer zu verarbeiten (und mögen tu ich es auch nicht); wenn ich viele gleiche oder ähnliche Teile nacheinander nähe; Nahtreißverschlüsse brauchen im Regelfall ein paar Anläufe.

(which sewing-situations challenge you? everything after 7pm, I just cant work concentrated after that time. leather and fur, they are really difficult to work with (and I don’t like working with them). Sewing lots of same or similar projects back to back. Invisible zippers usually take me some tries before I get them right.)

[6.]: Auf welches Projekt bist du besonders stolz?

Ich werde sehr stolz auf meine Kollektion sein, wenn sie fertig ist.

(what project are you extremely proud of? I will be very proud of my collection, when I finished it.)


[*]:Dein Tipp für Beginner:

Besser ein ein bisschen zu schweres Projekt wählen, als mit einem zu leichten das Interesse verlieren, du wirst dich wundern, was du hinbekommst.

(your tip for beginners: better start with a little to complicated project then get bored and uninterested over a to easy one, you will be surprised what you can accomplish)





Well I hope I got everything right and it still was a little interesting for you!

keep sewing and smiling 

your TailorFairy

My master craftsman of tailoring class: day 3 + 4


so sorry I kept you waiting again, but here is my report of my last weekend in master-craftsman-class.

This time I travelled by train to Dresden and was getting off at that train station just 3 km away from the school. I thought that wouldn’t be to far to walk, that was before I learned all 3 km were uphill.  So I had a little more exercise then I thought I would. But I still got there early so I could get a room for the night, which looked pretty similar then the room last week, just that it had a lot more cracks in the walls and also the mirror.

Then my class started with organisation-structures of companies and work in general, which wasn’t very new but the teacher was very enthusiastic and let me knit while listening, so it was still a nice class. After class I went back to my room, planning to watch a movie on youtube and go to sleep. But sadly my room was to far away from the lobby so I did not have internet-receptionion, which was frustrating.

Next morning first class was about materials. The teacher brought a lot of fabrics that we could touch and guess for names, compounds and what it is best used for. Which was very interesting were all those different furs he brought us. It was a lot of old furs, which is fine with me, since I feel it is not necessary to kill animals for fur, but when they were killed back in the 20s or 50s or whenever it would be a shame just to throw the furs away. So that was really fascinating to touch all that different furs and get a feel for it. What is your opinion about furs? (I personally prefer faux fur, it comes in a nice even width and thickness)

The second class was about style, styling and colors. It wasn’t anything I never heard or read before, but it was still a nice class.

Sadly I could not take pictures for you in my classes, but as soon as I get copies or pictures I will share them.

I hope you all had a nice week, I will tell you about my classes today and tomorrow within the next week.

Have a great weekend!


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

My master craftsman of tailoring class: day 2


the next day we kept working on our drawings.

IMG_0442 IMG_0443next we drew our drawings on transparent paper with a pencil, turned the paper around and retraced the lines so we copied the lines onto another paper.  Read the rest of this entry

My master craftsman of tailoring class: day 1


sorry I kept you waiting, but here is finally my report of my first day in master craftsman class:

The class was supposed to start an hour earlier then usual, so they could tell us about all that organizing stuff and such. Which was the normal chatter, but well… then the class really started and since the information did not take a full hour, it started 15 minutes early. We had a long list of things the teacher wanted us to bring to that first weekend, included really expensive  copic fine-liner pens, in different line-widths. I normally use edding fine-liner pens, so I took the sizes I already owned with me and only bought a few extra.

So after a few general things about technical drawings, we were supposed to measure clothing and do a 1:5 technical drawing of it. Those are the 2 pieces I worked with:

IMG_0437 IMG_0438

To work exact in a 1:5 scale is really not as easy as you might think. If you like to, you can try. Well at the end of the class on friday I finished those drawings: Read the rest of this entry is 3 years old


today is the day I started blogging exactly 3 years ago. I still remember how nervous I was about putting the little baby online for public, after I already did some base-work on it for a month. And when I got my first follower I was so excited… :)

By the way thank you all for sticking with me through this phase of only a few posts per month. I was taking those 2 first classes for my master craftsman and in the free time I am working on my collection. And about that I cant blog as much as I like to or I would spoil the surprise. ;) But my next class is starting this friday. I will have classes every friday and saturday from now on until next summer, and those are the classes that are about sewing and tailoring, so I thought I would tell you every sunday or monday about what I learned. This way you can all learn with me. ;) I hope I will have something interesting to post every week.

To celebrate the day Rum has got a new hairdo:

IMG_0430 IMG_0431

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy 

Rum has a hat

I thought about how to use the leftover-fabrics from the t-shirts in my collection and one of my ideas was to make hats like this. ;) I think they are kind of cute, even though it feels really weird sewing warm hats in summer.


happy birthday to me


so somehow all my projects keep me from blogging the way I want to. I hope I will get back to something more normal soon. Nonetheless its my birthday today, which I am telling you, so you all can send some presents my way. ;)

 Lately I am feeling a little blue, which might be stress. But it makes things even more difficult. but lets remember the good things that happened last year:

I moved to Berlin and got my very own sewing studio,  I had my first students (not as many as I hoped, but still…) and I started the classes for my master craftsman in tailoring and sewing. By the way: I passed the exams for the first class I took in may and june! I also opened my spoonflower shop and sewed my first clothes with my own prints!

Lets hope for lots of good things next year!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

t-shirt evolution


sometimes you just hit wall after wall. do you know that feeling? After I finally had time to sew again, I needed to find press fasteners that work with jersey. When I finally found them I didn’t have the right colors, so I had to order some more and wait for the next package to arrive. And then it got so hot outside that it was only possible to work a few hours in the morning….

IMG_0417well but all those struggles turned into 3 test-t-shirts, getting better with each version, and my first final t-shirt version in a smaller size (that one Rum is wearing).20140722_113823

So I am hoping for nice but not to hot weather for next week, so I can get some more work in before I have another class for my master craftsman in august (dont worry, this one is only 3 weeks).

I hope you are all enjoying the summer or winter, depending where you live!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

fabric dyeing adventures: beige


my light brown or beige  turned out to look nice in general:


but sadly it turned out very spotted:

IMG_0398 Read the rest of this entry

fabric dyeing adventures: light brown and golden yellow


I am doing a little at home vacation at the moment. I totally underestimated how much that class was stressful for me. So after a few days I am slowly coming back to my normal “lazy is boring” attitude ;) Well I am not just lazy: I am dyeing fabric… or let the washing machine dye it. Here are my latest colors:

IMG_0396 (copy)

I don’t know why this one fabric looks so different from the others…

IMG_0397 (copy)

I really like this yellow

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

adventures of fabric dyeing: turquoise (well kind of)

well its not the color I was aiming for, but its still a nice fit with the turquoise blue


by the way, my second collection of prints is now online at spoonflower



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