4 year blogiversary – delayed


with moving and my new job, looking for an apartment and missing my sewing machines, which are still back in Berlin, I forgot my blogiversary. :o

Well lets celebrate it anyways! tailorfairy.com turned 4! (2 days ago)

Thank you all for making my little world in the internet a success, thank you for your support, questions and ideas!

Right now it is a little tricky to get to posting regularly, but I spend last weekend sewing and photographing, so this weekend will be spend writing posts and scheduling them for next week. :) so you will get some new tutorials. Last wednesday a new burda got to the stores, the vote for the next tutorial will be up soon.

Well at least I hope so, money is quite tight and I don’t know if I can keep buying fabric for 1 big tutorial and 4 beginner tutorials each month. Keeping the blog going like this costs me about 100 € per month in fabrics and magazines and 80€ per year for the rent of the online-space. That is 1280€ per year in total. Considering the last 4 years the blog had an average of 5000 visitors each year, so it would be enough if everyone donates 0.25€ : I could keep the blog open this way for another year. So I will open a account for the blog and will appreciate everyone putting something in it. I will never just close the blog, but I might have to reduce the number of tutorials I do per month without your help, just for money reasons. I will gladly invest my free time in making more helpful tutorials for you. I will keep you posted about the account balance and as soon as I got the money for the next year together I will tell you all about it and will not ask for any more until next year.

I feel so very bad that I have to ask you for money. :( If you do not feel like donating money you could also send me spoonflower gift cards, so I can buy some fabric for new tutorials.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always:

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


open studios day 2015


in the building where I have my sewing studios we had an open studios day this weekend, and I wanted to show you what my studio looked like:

L1030193 Read the rest of this entry

what should I do for beginner tutorials?


so when I thought about this weeks beginner tutorial I got stuck. I just did not know what I should do, so I wanted to ask for your opinions.

Do you want tutorials for simple projects, with mostly straight seams, so you have something to show?

Do you want tutorials for simple projects with also some more difficult seams?

Do you want tutorials for parts of projects, like: how to do french seams/bias binding/inserting a zipper/add pockets/and others like this?

Do you want other tutorials?

Please vote in the poll below and also leave a comment, with a wishes/ideas for special tutorials. What did you always wanted to know how to do?

You can vote for more then just 1, if you would like 2 versions best, or even all three, you are also very welcome to write down any other possibility that I did not think of.

Thank you all in advance for your opinions!

keep sewing snd smiling

your TailorFairy

whats on my knitting needles and crochet hook 15-08-24

I did not get much needle/hook work done last week, but I wanted to show you the finished baby booties I made based on a pattern by HookNYarn. The mother-to-be seemed to like them when I gave them to her. I sometimes think giving other people gifts they like is so much more fun then to get presents yourself. ;)

IMG_0956 IMG_0957

well and I have been working on another idea the last weeks, giving you a sneak at my crochet-jewellery ;) psst… its still a secret ;)


how to sew… the jacket #106 of burda 8/15: sewing2

IMG_0857 IMG_0855Heyhey,

I survived my exams, but I will not know if I passed it for some weeks, so lets hope for the best.

You can re-read about pattern, cutting and sewing1 of this project so you know what I did to get to this next steps:

DSCF7689 next I pinned the centre back seam and the shoulder parts to the back parts Read the rest of this entry

organizing sewing supplies: sewing needles


my first exam of my master craftsman of tailoring is tomorrow, so send me some luck! ;)

DSCF7734 This is the box I keep my sewing needles organized in Read the rest of this entry

how to sew… a tote-bag part2 *quick/easy*


here is the 2nd part for the tote-bag tutorial, you can re-read the first part here.

DSCF7699 so after finishing the bag last week I needed to make my straps, so I took the length of strap I wanted (58cm) plus 2 times the seam allowance at the top (2 x 4cm). So I cut straps 66cm long. I picked 58 cm length, because its long enough to get comfortable over the shoulder, but still short enough to carry it in the hand… or at least thats what I think ;) Read the rest of this entry

whats on my knitting needles and crochet hook 15-08-18

Saturday I have my first exam for my master craftsman of tailoring, so you will notice I did not get much crocheting done… the little things will be little baby booties… at least I hope so ;) so I can give them to the soon-to-be-mother this weekend.


how to sew… the jacket #106 of burda 8/15: sewing1

IMG_0857 IMG_0855Heyhey,

thank you for your votes what look I should go for. I started sewing this week and here are the first seams I closed. You can re-read the steps before here: pattern and cutting.

DSCF7665I started with pinning the darts in the back parts Read the rest of this entry

how to sew… a tote-bag part1 *quick/easy*


weather is unusually hot for Germany so everything is going a little slower at the moment ;) nonetheless here finally this weeks quick and easy project suitable for beginners. This project includes some more seams then the cowls, so it will need some more time, do not get discouraged. The time will pay off in a nice tote-bag no one else has.

What you need:

DSCF7638 I started by drawing the final size I want my tote to have on a paper, with some free space around it (mine is 30cm x 30cm (12x12inch)) (blue lines) Read the rest of this entry

for which pattern would you like a tutorial? burda 9/15


so this week my blogging schedule got a little mixed up, the latest issue of burda style magazine got to the stores yesterday, so I will talk about the patterns today and let you vote. This weeks *quick and easy*-tutorial will be “how to sew a tote” and will be uploaded tomorrow, so stay tuned!

This burda has lots of nice patterns I would love to make, but sadly they all require quite some meters of fabric. Since money is tight at the moment, I have to make it work with the fabric I still have. So this month the winning tutorial probably will include some pattern alteration so I will be able to use some fabric I still have.

Well this are the patterns I picked (all pictures belong to burda style): Read the rest of this entry

whats on my knitting needles and crochet hook 15-08-10

starts looking like a skirt ;)



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