adventures in fabric-dyeing: blue



so this are my blue results. I like the light blue a lot, but I feel the medium blue one is just a tiny bit purple, but its still ok and I think it will work. The trouble with fabric dyeing is you never know if you change a color if it might turn out worse then before. So if a color turns out ok, even if not perfect, its sometimes better just to leave it that way. With public holidays coming up, I probably can do some more fabric dyeing the next days, I will keep you posted.

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keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

how to sew pants: side-seams and trying it on


here are the next steps for the pants, you can find the beginning here: part1, part2, part3 and part4 .


DSCF6192 DSCF6193now I pinned and sewed the back-crotch-seam

DSCF6194 DSCF6195then I pinned and sewed the side-seams and inseam Read the rest of this entry

trying to iron meters of fabric…

… without letting it touch the ground.


there is still room in the jars


As you can see there is still lots of space for your names in the jar of your favorite thing. Or jars. Entering only costs you a little time, so click here and see if one of the things I am giving away, would be something you like to get!

how to sew pants: zipper and fly


hier are the next steps for the pants, you can find the first parts here: part1, part2 and part3.

DSCF6165next I pinned and sewed the front crotch-seam until the beginning of zipper

DSCF6166looks like this

DSCF6167I folded the lower side a little bit parallel to the  centre front, so the zipper wouldn’t show, the pin shows where the centre front is Read the rest of this entry

adventures in fabric dyeing


here are the first swatches of my fabric dyeing adventures, the light brown ones turned out like that at the first try. The dark red ones took a little more work and lots of time in the washing machine. I dyed the fabric with a color called dark brown, but when it dried I saw that it wasn’t a dark brown, but more of a green-grey. Well I did not like the color at all, so the fabrics went back into the washing machine and I dyed them again with red. I thought the green with the red would turn into a nice reddish brown, well it got more dark wine red, but it is a nice color, so I settled with this one. I have some more fabrics that turned out fine, with the first try, and some that need some more work, I will keep you updated.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


Hobby Warehouse

closing my etsy store: 50% reduced prices


even though it made me a little sad, I reduced my prices on etsy down to 50% now. Hoping to get a least a little money to invest in my new project. (Are you curious already?) So it would really mean a lot to me, if you would look at it again and maybe tell your friends who might be interested about it! You can find my etsy store here.

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I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always:

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

how to replace a broken pant-zipper


did you all enter in my giveaway?

Well here is a post overdue: how I replaced a broken zipper back in UFO finishing January.

DSCF6027the broken zipper

DSCF6040first I undid the seams at the sides  Read the rest of this entry

yellow blouse and plaid skirt

DSCF6284 DSCF6285blouse: made by me (tutorial)

long-sleeve: C&A

skirt: made by me (tutorial)

shoes: clarks originals


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polls and give-away


I thought it is time for another giveaway, and while doing so, combine it with some polls, which give me feedback about my blog… and in the end help you, because it helps me make my blog better. ;)

This is how it works:

  • You answer the 3 questions posted below

  • and leave a comment saying you took part in my polls

  • for that 3 answers you get 3 papers with your name on it

  • you can place all 3 in one jar for your favorite thing you like to win, or 1 in 3 different jars, or 2 in one jar and 1 in another. (Write in your comment the way you would like to split it up)

  • on April 20th one name will be randomly pulled from each jar and I will inform the winners right away and ask for their mailing addresses. I will send the packages anywhere on this planet. 

Here are the questions: (you can pick up to 3 answers for each question) Read the rest of this entry

how to sew pants: pockets


here are the next steps for the pants, you can see my pattern construction here: part1 and part2.

DSCF6157I pinned the facing right side on right side on the pockets

DSCF6158sewed and serged

DSCF6159then I folded the facing over on the wrong side


DSCF6161and ironed it a little inward Read the rest of this entry

it really worked


when I saw this post on spicetwist, I loved the idea but was also quite incredulous. So I went and bought a big bottle of glue and wrapped some shapes I liked in plastic wrap (instead of using a balloon like in the post).  I used some buttons sold for decorating, because that way I wouldn’t loose buttons, I could have used otherwise if it didn’t work. The drying of the glue took the longest and it really worked! It stays in form… I think I have to do some more of this…it is fun.

IMG_0339 IMG_0340 IMG_0342

keep crafting and smiling

your TailorFairy


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