classic blouse part 1: pattern and cutting


so it got winter here, everything is white and its freezing but at least it stopped raining and being grey and depressing;) So I kinda started that blouse almost a year ago and finally finished it just before christmas, quite some time I know, but I like it anyhow and even though a blouse like this takes some time I plan on doing some more… isnt the fabric fun? I love it!

DSCF1782so thats the basic blouse pattern I found, I will look for the name of the pattern I used, its just so long ago, sorry (02-05-2013: found it: 104 of burda 1/2002)

DSCF1783I wanted a additional shoulder part, so I drew a line a few cm more to the front

DSCF1784and cut

DSCF1785add paper for the seam allowance to the front part

DSCF1786then draw a line where you like the back seam of the shoulder part to be, if you want it straight, make sure its in a right angle to the centre back

DSCF1787and cut, add paper to the cut at the back-part for the new seam allowance

DSCF1788then add the front-shoulder to the back-shoulder, seam on seam, cut the seam allowance off

DSCF1789draw it on another paper

DSCF1790and add seam allowance to the cut lines

DSCF1791your new shoulder part

DSCF1792my pattern

DSCF1796place the parts on the folded fabric, if you use a print like me make sure they all face the same direction

DSCF1797shoulder part, cuffs, collar and collar stand, need to be cut a second time of the folded fabric

DSCF1800cut in a few mm at the markings, like the shoulder line

DSCF1801or at the collar stand

DSCF1802the folds at blouse sleeve and the slit

DSCF1803to mark the end of the slit use a thick thread

DSCF1804and pull it through, knots at both ends, about 10cm long

DSCF1805DSCF1806use the same method the mark the darts

Next tuesday I’ll show you the next steps. ;) Any questions, ideas and wishes as always welcome!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy 

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About tailorfairy

I am a tailor and fashion designer, who has a blog where I show how I do my own clothes step-by-step. I love sewing, blogging, summer, sun, colors, animals, movies, books and of course my friends and family.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Mtetar

  2. The fabric is not my style, but I am looking forward the results :)

  3. I love the crazy print! Great tutorial thanks!

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