classic blouse part2: darts and bodice seams


I am back;) and here come the next steps of the blouse. I really like to wear it, I will make some more based on the same pattern;) By the way my weekend was fine and I hope to stay out of the winter depression for the rest of the winter… I am more working like a solar cell and sun light gives me energy, similar to warmth, I really do prefer summer;)


DSCF1812pin the marked dart points to each other

DSCF1813DSCF1814DSCF1815pin thread point to thread point

DSCF1817sew the darts, if you are unsure dont use stitches back and forth to secure the seams, but leave the threads long and make knots, remove the threads you used for markings, iron the darts

DSCF1818pin and sew the shoulder part to the  back part

DSCF1819and also to the front parts

DSCF1820take the second shoulder part and place it wront side to wrong side on the other

DSCF1821pin it first to the back part seam, right side of shoulder parts facing each other

DSCF1822DSCF1823then make sure you pin the right front shoulder seam to the other seams

DSCF1824the shoulder parts should lay straight and the rest should be stuffed in between both shoulder-parts, sew right on the other seams and turn it right side out

DSCF1825then iron the shoulder seams

DSCF1826DSCF1827now pin the side seams

DSCF1838sew and also serge if you use a satin like me that frays a lot


Any questions left? Please let me know! Its also not to late to wish for any carnival costume tutorials!

keep sewing and smiling


your TailorFairy

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About tailorfairy

I am a tailor and fashion designer, who has a blog where I show how I do my own clothes step-by-step. I love sewing, blogging, summer, sun, colors, animals, movies, books and of course my friends and family.

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  1. I love this fabric and print on it. And the final product – Great!

  2. I really like the print and the ebd result looks classy.

  3. Yes I agree about the beauty of the fabric print. Great art work for a fabr. Who is the designer? Thanks for sharing tutorials always. Mtetar

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