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how to make dungarees: straps, buttons and hem


here are the next and final steps for the dungarees, if you didn’t read the first parts yet, you can find them here: part1, part2, part3, part4.

DSCF5306Next I measured fromt the waistband around my back over the shoulders to the flap and cut 2 strips with that length plus 5cm for ease and buttonholes. They are about 7cm wide

DSCF5307then I folded them in half, pinned and sewed

DSCF5311and ironed the seam allowances apart and in the middle of the strip, not I marked the triangle I wanted my straps to end in Read the rest of this entry

how to make dungarees: flap to pants and waistband


one day late, sorry, but here are the next steps for the dungarees. If you didn’t see the first parts yet, you can find them here: part1, part2, part3.

DSCF5281now I pinned the flap to the front of the pants

DSCF5282then measured around how long the waistband needed to be

DSCF5290and cut the waistband Read the rest of this entry

how to make dungarees: leg-seams and flap


here are the next steps for the dungarees, the first parts still can be found here: part1: pattern ; part2:cutting and zipper.

DSCF5270now I pinned, sewed and serged the side-seams and inseams of both legs

DSCF5271then I pinned the flap parts right sides inside facing each other together

DSCF5272sewed, cut the corners Read the rest of this entry

how to make dungarees: cutting and zipper


its the last week before open studios weekend and I am getting crazy… first for all the things I still need to prepare and secondly for all the possible outcomes my mind can think of: maybe there will be lots of intersted people… maybe nobody will come… and so on, anyhow here are the next steps for the dungarees:

DSCF5258 DSCF5259I cut them of a velvety corduroy, so I had to cut all parts in the same direction, the flap part twice in fold

DSCF5260before I sewed any other seams I put the invisible zipper in the left side seam, so I took the left front part and back part and put them next to each other at the side-seam

DSCF5261 DSCF5264now I pinned the open zipper folded over on one part, can you see the difference between both pictures? I remembered to overedge/serge the open edges before sewing the zipper in:) Read the rest of this entry

how to make dungarees: pattern


since I finished last week with the maxi skirt with pockets I start with the dungarees now. The how to will be up every monday.

DSCF5240I started with well fitting pants in a similar style then I was going for

DSCF5241DSCF5242I copied the front and back parts of the pant onto paper, detailed instructions on how I did that can be found here.

DSCF5243I wanted the pants to be up to the waist so I added some cm to the top Read the rest of this entry

another dungarees drawing

DSCF5405figurine: ModeFigurinen by F.V. Feyerabend


dungarees styling

DSCF5342 DSCF5343 DSCF5344turtle neck: primark

blouse: superdry

dungarees: made by me, tutorial coming soon

shoes: s.oliver

dungarees almost finished…?


my dungarees are only missing the last 2 buttons, if I base it on the drawing, but I am not sure, maybe its a little plain? and I dont know if it is just me, but I feel waist high pants always emphasize that my length from waist to behind is longer then normal… or my waist is located to high or whatever is the best way to call it.

DSCF5334 DSCF5335 DSCF5336 DSCF5337 DSCF5338

I have this brown ribbon and I thought maybe I could make the pants less plain and also the length above my behind a little shorter, so I copied the drawing (only black and white) and drew on some possible placings for the ribbon.


what do you think? I really would appreciate your opinion!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

how to sew flared pants with appliqued flowers: pattern and cutting


even though I wore this pants before, I sadly forgot to take a picture, so I have to start this without showing you the finished project on me.

DSCF5252 (copy)I used the pattern I made for the dungarees, without the flap

DSCF5812I wanted a zipper in front so I added some part at the centre front for the fly

DSCF5813and at the side seam I folded for the pockets  Read the rest of this entry

Vote for the october drawings


so its end of october and you can vote for the drawings I made this month. The winner will be sewn and I will make a tutorial for it, so you can sew your own version.




DSCF5456blouse and pants

you can vote for 1, 2 or 3 drawings if you have more then one favorite.

and to all of you celebrating halloween: Have a great night and lots of fun!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

end of september…

… and I just noticed I did not made one drawing this month. So I cant start with the monthly voting again. But the third drawing/outfit winner was still open and a tie, so I decided I will sew those 2 next and draw more in october and in november we are back to normal voting.

If you have a drawing, or picture of something you would like to know how to do you are as always welcome to send them to me and I get to work on them as soon as I can. :)

well the next 2 outfits to be sewn are:

DSCF4956 and DSCF4142 with the dungarees I already started:


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

jacquard skirt how to


so almost all my things are packed into boxes but I will be moving on friday… I guess I miscalculated the time quite a bit. What am I supposed to do in an empty apartment surrounded by boxes and furniture in parts?

Anyhow this are the steps how I made my jacquard skirt (which is also already packed, because I thought pants would be better for packing and such, now I could wear it anyhow since I wont be packing all days;) ) Read the rest of this entry


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