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how I sewed the green blouse


I know this is way overdue, but I finally wanted to show you what I did different with the green blouse compared to this.

DSCF5432 (copy 2)DSCF5433I felt the collar at the flower blouse might have been a little to pointy, so I drew another line to make it a little shorter

DSCF5434DSCF5435then I cut collar, collar stand, shoulder part and cuffs of the lighter green, and all other parts of the darker green

DSCF5436and since I wanted I covered sleeve slit, I also cut that part in light green Read the rest of this entry

flower blouse sleeve slit


I finally got to work on my blouse again today and did the slit you wanted a tutorial for. ;)

Read the rest of this entry

Flower blouse part 1: pattern and cutting


so I am finally getting to this blouse. I wont take pictures of every step of the sewing process because its pretty much the same as my blouse with the crazy print. But I changed the pattern a little bit, so I wanted to show you that. :) And I will take pictures of how I do the slit. and anything else I do different this time. ;) Read the rest of this entry

classic blouse part 4: cuffs to sleeves, collar to neckline, hem and buttons: finish!


so here are the last steps of the blouse, I noticed I forgot to take some pictures, I hope you still can follow the explanations. ;) I am feeling better and wanted to thank you all for your getting well wishes!  Read the rest of this entry

classic blouse part 3: collar, sleeve slit and cuffs


sorry I kept you waiting. on tuesday I started to have a weird feeling in my belly, so yesterday I went to a number of doctors… to prove what I normally say: docs never help me, thats why I dont like to go to them;) so weird feeling still there, I hope it disappears  soon;). well anyhow: here are finally the next steps of the blouse: Read the rest of this entry

classic blouse part2: darts and bodice seams


I am back;) and here come the next steps of the blouse. I really like to wear it, I will make some more based on the same pattern;) By the way my weekend was fine and I hope to stay out of the winter depression for the rest of the winter… I am more working like a solar cell and sun light gives me energy, similar to warmth, I really do prefer summer;) Read the rest of this entry

classic blouse part 1: pattern and cutting


so it got winter here, everything is white and its freezing but at least it stopped raining and being grey and depressing;) So I kinda started that blouse almost a year ago and finally finished it just before christmas, quite some time I know, but I like it anyhow and even though a blouse like this takes some time I plan on doing some more… isnt the fabric fun? I love it! Read the rest of this entry


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