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september dress finally finished!


so remember the dress I prepared and uploaded while I was traveling last september? Well I finally finished the hand-stitching and wearing it for traveling today:) Ill be all around Germany the next 2 weeks, I will try and get some more pics of sewing stores ;)

DSCF4114 DSCF4115 DSCF4116

I am wearing my dress with a no name longsleeve, panty-hoses by esprit and boots by seven seconds.

Guess what? it start snowing again :( I want spring!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

Dress Part4: invisble zipper, hem and finish


last part of the dress. Ready?

you need an invisible zipper (mine 40cm) and a special sewing foot

pin the zipper to the left open side-seam Read the rest of this entry

Dress Part3: first zipper,fitting and some troubles


so with this part I faced some troubles which results in: having to sew big parts by hand. I really dont like sewing by hand, but if I want a nice dress, I dont have a choice ;)

first pin the folded fabric covering the pocket-hole and sew them with less then the normal seam allowance

pin the  shoulder-seams sew them and also do use overedging Read the rest of this entry

Dress Part2: first seams


when I started sewing my dear sewing machine named Daisy showed me some more new troubles, I guess any time soon I will have to replace her. :(

Well here are the next steps for the dress:

pin the darts in the front, if you are unsure draw the line of the dart. see its ending at a thread marking? Read the rest of this entry

Dress Part1: Cutting


so I made this dress before I left and bringing you the tutorial in 4 parts now, so there will be still new things on the blog. ;) Well I am writing this just after I finished the steps in each posts, so I still remember all the important things. ;) I hope you like it and sew a long.

This one is a burda-pattern again, I used to buy every issue between like 2000 and 2006, I did throw some of them away, but mostly I threw the magazine away but kept the sewing-mag with the patterns. So thats the reason why always burda-patterns, because I already own them, nothing more and nothing less. I never bought much different patterns so I cant say which are my favorites. Read the rest of this entry


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