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may drawing winner: sewing


here are the last steps of the may drawing winner.

DSCF4839I pinned the side-parts to the middle back part and sewed Read the rest of this entry

may drawing winner dress pattern and cutting


here is how I did the pattern for the may drawing winner. I used the maxi skirt pattern and a well fitting neck-holder top. Read the rest of this entry

how I made my own fabric


so today Button and I went to look at my future sewing studio and got disappointed: It wasn’t finished. I called on monday to say I come by and nobody checked… :( that means I can’t spend the next days painting (thats why I came here… )so I will have to stick with white at the beginning, because when moving with all the furniture painting will take a lot more time and be more difficult… well I’ll be moving next month and I really hope it will look better then. I already bought some of the new furniture I am going to need though. :)

I am starting the series today about how I made the may drawing winner, and will post the next steps every friday. So first I had to made my own striped jersey: Read the rest of this entry

winning may drawing dress finished

DSCF4852 (copy) DSCF4853 (copy) DSCF4854 (copy)DSCF4549it wasn’t that easy to sew my selfmade striped fabric. and somehow the front stretched out a lot more then the back so I had to cut off about 20cm.

almost finished!

DSCF4844 DSCF4845

all that is missing is hem, and neckline and such… does it look like the drawing you voted for?


WIP: may drawing winner


I made my own fabric

finally finished!


now it will take a ride in the washing machine, just to be sure there will be no surprises…

and then I can finally start with the dress.


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