terrible​ news :(


As I told you before I went to my doctor yesterday and she isn’t sure what is really up with my thumbs and suggested I see a specialist. He is a busy person (of course), and I have to wait 2 weeks for that appointment. Until then, I got put on sick leave. Which means I have to postpone my bicycle tour 😦

Even though I am really sad and angry about that, I have to put health first and just give my thumbs the time to heal… or at least do not get worse until that appointment. My parents will also help me so I will not have to cook and do the dishes anymore, which are some of the more painful things at the moment.

So all of thisIMG_0159

has to wait for my thumbs to be declared fit to work and cycle.

Any ideas about what I should be doing thumbless for the next 2 weeks? All tips to not let me bore to death are highly appreciated! (Even typing this down, is more complicated than usual)

keep on smiling (I’ll try too)

your Fairy


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