cycling around the little belt – summary​


This is a summary of my bicycle tour on (part of) the Danish Baltic Sea Bicycle Route, which I finished yesterday. If you want to read up about it, you can find the posts here: day1, day2, day3, day4, day5, day6, day7, day8

When I ran some errands today, which was walking, I noticed how shaky my legs are. They are either not used to walking anymore or a lot more exhausted then I thought.

After one day back home, my body realizes it can slow down a little and relax, but I am also a little restless, and everyTHING seems so meaningless. My eyes definitely miss the free and changing views.

I do not know if that will change over the upcoming days, but I think I am hooked on bicycle-touring. My mind already wants to plan the next tour. But first let me summarize my first tour:

I made it difficult for myself the 2nd til 4th day, by being afraid I was not fast enough and would not get back in time, and forgot to enjoy the ride. As soon as I realized I would finish just fine, I could have finished 1 day earlier – if I wanted, I started enjoying the whole process a lot more. All in all, I am proud of myself, for making it, that I kept going, and growing by it.

So what did all of that include?

360.56 km traveled in 8 days, with 31 hours 18 minutes 59 seconds spent pedaling and pushing Leif.

Kollund2When we left on day 1, the panniers weighted 12.6 kg and the red bag 6.4 kg, plus 2 water bottles, means about 21.5kg on the back rack. The basket in the front was 4.2kg.

But I had all my food for about 8 days packed, so when I got back it was:

panniers 11.7kg (it would have been 1kg less if I did not have to buy new oats) plus 1 water bottle, red bag 6.6kg, front basket 3.6kg.

Since I had almost all my food packed I spent (only) 74.90 € + 911.85 DKK, about 200 € in total, for the whole trip.

According to my scale, I lost 0.5kg weight and 2.4% body fat and gained 0.8% muscle mass.

In total that’s about 172 pictures. Some were shot before the tour, Diana baby and Edixa already had some snapped photos on their films. Only Diana F+ had a new film inside. So I can’t wait for the developed pictures. I will show them to you as soon as I got them.


Do you have any questions about my tour? My experience? My preparation?

The next few posts I will talk about the things I took with me, which I used, which I did not use, what I would choose again, what I will do differently next time.

keep exploring, photographing, and smiling

your Fairy



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