About TailorFairy.com

Welcome to my blog!

I am a fashion designer and tailor and I made the experience, that a lot people would like to learn how to sew or knit, but don’t have time or are to shy to go to a class.

So I’ll be trying at this website to show you

-how to sew and knit your own clothes,

-how to customize them to fit your personal style,

-how to use a sewing machine

and much more.

I’ll be trying to answer any questions about the projects I am showing you by pictures and videos and all questions about any sewing project you do by yourself. Also am I very open to suggestions, so if some star is wearing something you want to have too, send me a picture and I will see if I can turn that into a tutorial, how to make something similar.

Of course I am not all-knowing, but I will give my best to help you to start or keep making your own clothes.  English isn’t my native language, so please excuse any mistakes I’ll probably make. I hope you will still be able to understand me. I chose to do this blog in english, because it is the language that most people learn or have to learn earlier or later in their life all over the world. My native language is german, I also know some spanish. So if you have problems (like me sometimes) with special sewing words, look into my dictionary I’ll write down translations for them. If you don’t understand anything feel free to ask.

If you have weird links in your comments or try to spam, my anti-spam will delete the most from the start and if not I will delete it. Also any comments using bad words or swearing or are in a foreign language will be deleted, be nice and polite and I look forward to nice discussions with you!

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all the best

Your Tailorfairy




  1. Hi Tailor Fairy! My daughter would love to sew her own clothes, but we are having a lot of trouble adjusting clothes for a bust that is proportionally larger than the body the patterns are made for. Can you help us learn how to make these adjustments?

  2. Thank you for liking my post about My First Sewing Project. What an honor from someone like you! I wish I had discovered your blog even before I started. Then my stitches would probably not have been so bad… haha. But I’m glad you found me. I’m so blessed! May I check in here some time? I need all the help I can get and keep my excitement going! : )

    • I would like to help with that, but that would be a little tricky. Sewing machines are all very similar, but also all different, so if I wanted to explain your sewing machine, I would need exactly the same machine. So its probably best you rely on your manual for that. 😉

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