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I am delighted you like my blog and want to know how to help me keep it up and getting better! 🙂 There are some easy ways you can help me:

—1—by telling others about it:

  • You can tell them in person, send my link around or pin posts you like to your Pinterest wall.
  • You can also become a follower here on WordPress, a fan on facebook or a follower on Twitter, and tell all your fans, friends and followers about it. Every new follower is highly appreciated, gives me motivation and shows me I am on the right track.

—2—by wishing for tutorials, blog posts, themes and asking questions. There are probably people out there facing the same troubles, having the same questions and I just don’t think about it. All ideas, wishes, and questions help me to make my blog more helpful and interesting for you.

—3—by ordering some beautiful fabric at spoonflower with my designs printed on it.

—4— you can also donate. Every single dollar will be appreciated and be used towards this blog. I will always keep this blog free of charge, but this would give me enough time to update often. (fewer hours working somewhere else needed)

—5— or you can buy me some gear for my next tour on amazon


Thank you for supporting me!


keep sewing, exploring, photographing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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