Hairband with bow and ruffle

So maybe you saw the drawing I made for the winter-skirtso one day I had a little time and thought it would be fun to make a hairband like the one I drew ūüėČ



  • 20 cm Fabric (or some remains of another sewing project)
  • hairband with fabric-cover in a fitting color (the one I used I bought at C&A for 3 ‚ā¨ in a three-pack)
  • sewing thread
  • and measuring tape, set square, paper, pen, sewing machine, (hand-)sewing-needles and pins


measure around your hairband how long you want the ruffle, I picked 18 cm

so for the bow you draw a square with 18 cm each side

then the rectangle for the ruffle: length at least double of the wished length, here 36 cm and width some cm I did 4 cm

then add seam allowance all around both parts


fold your fabric parallel to selvage/grain or in a right angle to it if its just a small piece, pin the ruffle-part right at the fold with its long side and the bow-part next to it

 and cut both parts

pin the bow-parts face to face and leave about 5 cm at one side open, so you can turn it after sewing

mark the middle of the ruffle

Sewing (remember to secure your seams)

sew the bow, leave the space for turning open and cut back the corners

sew a seam in the middle of the ruffle with big space between the stitches and leave the threads long at both ends, start pulling at on thread and ruffle it equally until it is the size you want it (for me: 18 cm) plus seam allowance

fold the fabric of the ruffle face to face and sew around it but leave a hole of a few cm so you can turn it, cut the corners like you did on the bow. Then turn both parts around and close the holes with hand-stitching.

pin the ruffle on the bought hairband

then sew them together with hand-stitching (through the ruffle, through the fabric covering the hairband and back again (about 0.5 cm between stitches)

now take your bow and fold it together in the middle so it has the form you want

when it has the right form do some hand-stitchings to keep it in form

then put it behind the ruffle of the hairband and sew it on the hairband. depending the shape you want you just do some stitches in the middle or you also sew the sides of the bow on the hairband, you can also do some stitches into the back-side of the ruffle to give it a special form



I hope you have fun with this – I admit its a little crazy – hairband. Let me see what you make of it and how yours turn out!

If there is anything you do not understand, please ask me! I am also open to suggestions and ideas. Leave me a comment or write me an email.

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All the best

your TailorFairy


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