upcycled long-sleeve with braided spirals


so another easy, quick upcycle without needing a sewing machine. So if you have a long-sleeve you don’t wear anymore and think its boring, maybe you would like to wear it more often after braiding spirals around it.



long-sleeve (mine: tally weijl: 5€ sale)
tailor shears and pen

What you do

start a line at the sleeve-cuff, it should go up and around the sleeve

and then go over the shoulder to the front part, go next to the neck-hole, be sure to go over the chest-area in the middle of the shirt, so nothing can be seen later that you dont wanna show and go down and around until you reach the hem

looks from the back like this

cut strips 1cm wide (not less or the strips will rip) and about 2cm long in a right angle to the line your drew

do that the whole line until short before the hem

take the first strip up,  and pull the second through, then pull the third through the second and go on like this…

until you reach the hem, cut the last trip after pulling through the strip before in the middle

and knot around the hem

now do another line starting from the other sleeve

this time I went over the shoulder to the back and circled down to the hem

and cut into strips again, 1cm wide 2cm long

braid again and knot around the hem



How do you like the idea? Ideas, suggestions and wishes as always welcome!

Keep sewing and smiling!


Your TailorFairy

I love to read your comments

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