what keeps me from sewing:( and weekly challenge 6: sing


I am mostly back to my positive self, even though it does not help, that I have so much stuff to do at the moment, that I don’t have time left for sewing, and I really miss it. And I do not want to do the other stuff 😉 but anyhow, next week will be stressful, too, but I plan to sew in a any free minute and hopefully I will finish my other tanktops soon, since you voted 50/50 for a tank-top-video-tutorial, I gonna do one for the new tank tops and hope that helps everyone. 🙂 I finished 2 in some breaks in between already and will show you my stylings if I wear them even though the tutorial is still in waiting.

Now about the challenge for this week: What always makes me happy and energetic is putting on music I like a little louder then normal and singing along. and I cant sing… well not very well, I played a lot instruments and hear wrong tunes, and singing I produce a lot of them, but if you are alone… who cares? So if you have a great voice or not just try it when feeling down, or like you need a boost 😉 for me it makes even doing the dishes bearable. 😉 Let me know which songs work best for you! And don’t forget to vote for the next project and tutorial, I’ll start after finishing the tank-tops.

Even though I do not have much time at the moment I will answer your comments and questions about anything sewing-fashion-related within a day.


keep sewing and smiling


your TailorFairy

I love to read your comments

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