Jacket Part4: Waistband, Collar and Pockets


so you and I wanted pockets in my jacket and it has pockets now. 🙂 This were my next steps:

I do my pockets in my side-seams, because its easy and doesn’t change the look of the jacket, because its almost invisible. Go at least 4cm up from the edge, so you have some corner to keep your stuff in the pocket and it wont drop out of it easily.

then I took my hand as measurement on how big I wanted the opening to be, pin another pin.

then undo the seam between the pins

and do some stitches at the ends of the opening, so it wont rip bigger.

now measure from the edge to 2 cm above the opening and the distance to your seam between the front parts

cut 4 squares with that measurements. I used my check. If you use a thicker fabric best use your lining for the pockets

now pin one square to the seam allowance of the back part and sew it, be careful all your stitches are on the seam allowance

then fold that square away and pin and sew another to the seam allowance of the front

iron the square to the centre front

lay all flat and pin the squares at the top together and sew them (only get stitches in the check)

then lay all of it flat again and pin it to the seam allowance of the centre-front-part, sew it and cut the fabric, if you had to much as me

looks like a pocket, even though it is still open to one side, but that will be closed when sewing the waistband to the jacket.

so pin the collar parts to each other and the front-waistbands to the back-waistbands

sew the collar, cut the seam allowance short at the corners, turn the right side out and iron it carefully

sew the side-seams of the waistbands and iron the seam allowances apart

pin one waistband, right side on right side to the bodice

sew it and iron the seam allowances apart.

when I lay the collar around the neck, you start getting the look of the jacket. 🙂 I already love it!

Do you have any questions until now?

Next tuesday: Zipper and facing and attach collar


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy




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