cotton fake fur and retro print


as long as my left arm still is keeping me from sewing (dont worry it will be better soon and it is totally my own fault) I thought I at least show you some new fabrics I got. I dont know how you feel, but i cant get passed the local fabric stored without looking through the leftover fabrics that are standing outside of the shop, much cheaper, because its the rest of a big fabric ball 😉 and then they start talking to me: i would be perfect for a blouse, shirt, stuffed animal, handbag …. take me home with you, you need me… look at my prize-tag, see that price? and look how long I am I could be made in so much beautiful things...and before you know whats happening you bought more fabric 😉

well if you love fake-fur and this one is soft and 100% cotton you cant be blamed for buying it. can you?

well with this one it really was not my fault… I got it for my bday. Isn’t that a lovely print? cant decide yet what would look better, a sleeveless short dress or a blouse. what do you think? its a chiffony (is that a word?) fabric.


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. I completely understand. Sometimes I talk myself out of a fabric only to have it enter my thoughts after I am home. Then I have to go back and get it. It’s just easier to buy it the first time it speaks to you, right?!?

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