Dress Part1: Cutting


so I made this dress before I left and bringing you the tutorial in 4 parts now, so there will be still new things on the blog. 😉 Well I am writing this just after I finished the steps in each posts, so I still remember all the important things. 😉 I hope you like it and sew a long.

This one is a burda-pattern again, I used to buy every issue between like 2000 and 2006, I did throw some of them away, but mostly I threw the magazine away but kept the sewing-mag with the patterns. So thats the reason why always burda-patterns, because I already own them, nothing more and nothing less. I never bought much different patterns so I cant say which are my favorites.

This is pattern no.118 out of burda 4/2008 and I picked it because I like the 60s feel of it. according to burda you need

1.45 m of the main fabric(I needed more because my fabric is checked)

0.45m of the contrast fabric

1 zipper 35 cm long for the front

1 invisible zipper 40 cm for the side

they also say you need fusible interlining, but they picked a really thin one, so I decided not to do it, if your fabric is more loose, iron some fusible interlining to the contrasting parts.

well first I cut the contrast fabric, (folded selvage on selvage) the pockets dont have to be cut from this fabric, pick what you like better, I did it this way because I did want to make sure, I had enough of the check fabric, but you need to cut the waistband, the centre-front, the arm-holes and the part hiding the pockets.

centre-front and arm-holes also need to be cut again

fold the check selvage on selvage and place the front-skirt at the fold, also pin the side-pocket-part and the front-part on… make sure you have rememberable points at the side-seams of skirt and top

so when you fold the rest of the fabric selvages in the middle you can place the back parts at similar points (if your fabric is not checked, you dont have to pay attention to that, just place the parts according to the grain.

after cutting all parts you can already guess the look of the dress 😉

the markings you need that are inside a pattern as easiest to mark with a thicker thread, about 20cm long you pull through both layers

make knots on both ends

also cut a few mm into the seam allowance at markings at the edges

get both fabrics away from each other and cut the thread in the middle

so you have thread ends marking the needed points, because both of my fabrics look the same on right and wrong side, I marked all wrong sides with chalk-lines

same as the other fabric

next tuesday will be uploaded: first seams

so stay tuned! I am pretty sure I will have internet and if you have any questions please ask in the comments and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy  

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