SewStylish personal magazine impressions


so as promised I start reviewing the sewing mags. 😉 By the way the order in which I do so, does not have any reason, I just pick one randomly every saturday, I dont have a favorite one. And I will only tell you about sewing mags I like, they all gonna be really different and be liked by me for different reasons though. If you have a favorite sewing mag and think I should check it out, please leave me a comment or write an email. This is just my personal impression of the mag, I dont get paid or anything for it, and I do not mean to harm anyone by my words.

Now about sewstylish(Fall 2012):

They start the first pages with some short things like what fabrics are used a lot on runways, about new tools they found and a fast and easy sewing tutorial.  And the trendy techniques and how to do them yourself, in this case, how to paint fabrics with brush-strokes and create different patterns. I liked the idea a lot, some of the shown designs weren’t my favorite though.

Then there is section 1: Construction Zone

Which shows detailed how to sew sleeves to the bodice, for all who did something with sleeves before, you possibly remember it isn’t that easy, but they have good tips in here with a lot of pictures which make it easier. Then there are some great hemming tips, some of them are even new to me and I might try them in the future. Next are tutorials on how to use zippers as decoration, by showing them on the outside and not hiding them as usual. I actually kinda like that trend, it gives something very polished an extra edge and it is fun. They had some pics of zippers with prints on the fabric on the sides… I need to get my hands on zippers like that. 🙂

Getting to Section 2: Pattern Play

There are a lot of great tutorials on how to alter patterns to meet a trend or your personal likes. 🙂 Thats what I do with a lot of the patterns I use, see something I like and change up the rest. Thats also a great way to save money, because you dont need to buy another pattern, so thats definitely something worth looking into and for that a good idea to put in a sewing mag. They also have great tips how to handle knits (I just did not understand what that had to do with patterns, but great tips anyway) and  something about curved rulers.

Section 3: Style it:

Inspirations for fall, a restyling tutorial and a bag tutorial. All well done and good.

Section 4: Designer secrets:

Good tips on how to handle difficult fabric as silk charmeuse, about color and color schemes and how to apply chains or selfmade fabric-roses as decoration.

Then there is a glossary which explains sewing terms they use. I think that is great, especially for beginners, even though I think this magazine is better for people who already sew a while and looking for new ideas and methods, and for that it is great. It did cost me 6.99$. For me, being used to german magazine prizes that is ok, maybe a little much, since you dont get pattern sheets, but just some directions on how to do the templates for some easy things, but it is a good magazine, worth of being tried.

So what are your thoughts? You have this special issue or a story about how that magazine used to be some years ago? I hope this was interesting for you and you come check back next week for another sewing magazine.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy




  1. Ooh what a great idea! I want to get some sewing magazines but don’t have enough money to test them all. Can’t wait to see more of your reviews 🙂

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