70s dress part 1: Pattern and cutting


so the vote was a tie, between just showing how I change the pattern and doing that and also show how to change a simple dress pattern into something similar. Since I am nice today … :p I am doing both;)

How I changed up my pattern:

thats the pattern templates I copied out of the pattern sheet of the magazine

I made the centre back seam longer in a right angle to the waist-line

20 cm until the hip-line and then 20cm more, for s short skirt-part, then I drew lines in a right angle at both points

at the hip line go your (hip-width +4cm)/4

draw a line from the waist to that point and then make it longer to the hem-line

I also redrew the waistline a little

my new side-seam, I made the dart longer , I also added 1cm seam allowance all around, and 3cm hem-allowance

so the same again with the front part, the centre-front 20cm and 20 cm in a straight line

looks like this

also finish the other end of this dart

my new finished templates, 1.50 m of a 1.4m wide fabric is sufficient

If you’re starting with a simple dress pattern (I made this in miniature):

the front and back of a simple dress

draw a line at the hip and another line were you want your hem

then draw a line from the hip down to get the skirt a little flared

then draw another line above the chest… depending how much you want to show 😉

and draw straps (the little triangle is were the strap end will be appliqued)

cut the dress parts

and the strap-parts

put the strap parts at the shoulder-seams together to get one strap part

now start with the sleeves

draw 2 lines at the upper-sleeve and cut the sleeves into the 3 parts

the strip for the upper arm stays the same

the other 2 parts need to be divided by 2 straight lines

cut them and give it some room in between, that is the space that will be ruffled later, so if you want a lot of ruffles you need more cm in between the parts, if you only want a few just do like 1 cm between the parts

the finished templates

Cut the fabric

place the dress parts

and the sleeve cap and the other big sleeve part on the fabric and cut them

I did cut the strap and the upper sleeve strip out of the lighter fabric

Up next week: mark the darts on the fabric and sew them, also: invisible zipper in centre back. So stay tuned!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

I love to read your comments

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