“Sew it all” magazine impressions


here my impressions of the next sewing magazine I bought last month when I visited Oregon.

Today: Sew it all magazine

The magazine is split up into 2 parts: Skill Set and Projects

In the Skill Set part they start with pictures of different fabrics and detailed tips how to sew them best. Then there are good articles about how to use yarn or something similar for embellishments, about embroidery and embroidery machines, about shirring and different methods to do so and how to deal with darts. All good tips with detailed instructions that do not need much knowledge to understand.

The Projects part is divided into summer and fall projects. All Projects are simple and with explanation how to do the pattern, or you can download the pattern. (I personally like old good fabric sheets better, I mean I like the blogging world and a lot digital things, but sometimes I prefer the old analog things.) But the fabric comes with patterns thats a good point anyhow! There are cute and pretty project ideas, mostly easy ones, that also beginners could do. For more experienced sewers they might be nothing new, at least thats how I felt.

So this is more a magazine for beginners and people looking for easy projects.

2 things I noticed that seemed a little weird to me:

1:The articles are good, but not displayed well on the cover, the headlines were a little imprecise and could mean pretty much anything.

2:The line: display until 8/13/12, I bought the magazine in middle of september, so the shop somehow wasn’t paying attention.

Anyhow, as you can see it did cost me 9.99$, you get patterns online by buying the mag, so this might give a reason for the prize. For more experienced sewers that might be a little much, thinking you could do those easy patterns yourself, but its a great magazine for easy projects with good instructions and if your looking for that its worth the money.


I hope that was helpful for you. Let me know if you have any favorite sewing mags I should review.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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