70s dress part2: darts and an apology

so sorry I kept you waiting and I have to apologize again: I did not manage to work as much on the dress today as I promised in part1. So sorry! I will do more next week. 🙂

But here is at least, how I transferred the darts onto the fabric:

Actually I wanted to do this one with my transfer-paper, but I couldn’t find the paper. 😦 I definitely should organize my sewing stuff I guess, but normally it works this way: I clean and organize and after I dont find anything anymore… maybe the paper is somewhere where I organized it? :O

Well anyhow, plan B:

I marked every point that was inside the template with a pin

draw lines with a ruler or a set square from pin marking to pin marking

then fold the paper right at the pin and draw a dot with your tailors chalk, then remove the pin and move on to the next, until you have dots at every important point

then connect the dots again, and now you should have the darts on each part

Please only use this method for things that dont require an exact fitting because it is actually is a little inaccurate. But its kinda fast and easy. 😉 And for this dress a few mm difference doesn’t matter.

so sorry to be so short today, stay tuned for more next week


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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