70s dress part4: sleeves and hem=finished!


dress is finished! I like it in general and will wear is proudly. 🙂 I also gonna do other similar things I think, but I will do some slight modifications. When I wear it I’ll make some pictures and show the the tiny things I would change. 😉 But first: how to finish the dress. How are yours coming along by the way?

first pin the side-seams of the sleeve-parts

sew them and if your fabric frays like mine also do some overedging

next sew with wide stitches on the seam allowance of the sleeve-part at the sleeves seams
ruffle them

so they fit the smaller part in the lighter color and sew them together

then ruffle the top sleeve part (sew with wide stitches and pull the threads) as well so it fits the smaller part… try to have the ruffles equally all around

looks like this

of course you need at that seams also your serger

next the little slit in the sleeve, roll the edges over twice, thats a little tricky and will take a little while

then sew that roll, thanks to the ruffles, that slit will pretty much disappear later, so dont worry if your stitches are a little wonky like mine 😉

next you need your cuffs, cut them of the lighter material: your wrists+plus 4cm x 5cm


now ruffle your sleeve hem (with wide stitches)

and pin your cuff right side on right side to it, leave the seam allowance open on the upper side of the sleeve, and seam allowance and additionally 1 cm at the down side of the sleeve, thats the place for the button later

be carful your sleeves are mirror images of each other and sew the cuffs to the sleeves

fold the cuff in the middle

and sew the ends, at the corner of the longer part you have to cut back

and turn around and fold and pin the inside of the cuff

and sew close to the seam all around, I actually didnt sew any buttons in, because I never would close them anyhow, if you want to you could add some small buttons and button-holes

now ruffle your shoulder at the sleeve (wide stitches and pull the threads)

dont get any ruffle at the down half of the arm-hole, pin markings on markings and get the ruffles even over the top half

sew and serge the arm-holes

almost finished!

last but not least: the hem! draw a line at half of your hem allowance

fold over on that line

and fold over once more

pin that way the hem all around and sew it

Finished! My dress form is to little for that dress (or I am getting to big:p) But I will wear it soon and show you some pictures how it looks worn!

I hope you like my dress and this sew along was helpful for you. If there are any question, please ask!

How is your dress turning out?

keep sewing and smiling

your Tailorfairy


  1. I love this dress, especially the sleeves! So pretty! Please post a photo of it on (:

    (Love the name of your blog: Tailor Fairy!)

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