winter coat part3: Cape, shoulder bars, collar and belt


how is you coat going? I was a little under time pressure today, so just a few next steps, next I’ld have to do the lining and I did everything I could do before the lining. 😉

fold the shoulder bars in the middle, pin them and sew one short end and the long line, then cut the corner turn them around and sew one time around close to the edge (if you like the look of it, if you prefer it without that seam that works as well)

also pin the collar and collar stand together, sew them and also cut the corner of the seam allowance before you turn them around

the belt needs to be folded in the middle as well, pinned and sewn the length and one short end, cut the corner, turn right side out and sew once more close to the edge for the look

pin the cape-seams and sew them and iron the seam allowances apart

then fold the open end of the shoulder bars 1cm inwards and pin them to the placement-marks on the cape-seam

sew them to the cape (I used 2 seams)

now you need your smaller buttons

and sew them to the end of the shoulder bars (if you dont want them fake, you can of course also do a button hole in the shoulder bars and sew the button to the cape, but knowing I would never use that anyhow, I am doing the easier “fake-version”

you start getting the look right? I already cant wait until its finished! 🙂

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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