threads sewing mag impressions


I know I kept you waiting I am really sorry! The next weeks until christmas look more calm, so I will try my best to get back to normal those 2 weeks;)

This is the last sewing mag I bought in september, when I was in Oregon. But its not like I dont have more sewing mags to talk about 😉 and if you have a favorite one please let me know and I will see if I can get it somewhere.

DSCF3938This is once again one of those sewing mags with tips how to alter patterns and such. Which isnt a bad thing. I have the November issue.

There is one tutorial that was really interesting for me: about devorè, how to do burn out designs in velvet, oh that looks so interesting, one day I will try that. Also very helpful were the essays about tucks and print matching tucks and how to add peplums to an existing pattern. Then there are the parts about sewing machine maintenance and how to make patterns smaller, also really great. I loved the colors of the pics to the tutorial “how to handle handwoven fabrics”. I want those fabrics! Then they also had tips from readers, new supply ideas, pattern reviews, fall fashion colors, styles and fabrics, how to start a pattern line, new designers, how to hand-sew the back-stitch, how to organize your sewing space, what readers have been sewing and questions and answers. So all in all a very informative sewing mag. I would say not for total beginner. For me the only thing really new was the velvet-stuff. 😉 But everyone in between a total beginner and me would have a good and helpful magazine.

It did cost me 6.99$ which is a reasonable prize for that amount of information I think.

I hope this was helpful.

keep sewing and smiling (and patiently waiting for me to get back on track blogging)

your TailorFairy

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