Pants Part2: Zipper and Pockets


I know I didnt upload the first steps of the blouse, I am missing a picture and have to wait until I home, but anyhow, here are the next steps of the pants:

DSCF3861this might sound weird but the easiest way is to put the zipper in first 😉 so pin and sew the seam from the inseam until the beginning of the zipper, (best overlock both front seams before)

DSCF3889then pin the front part the way you want it to look

DSCF3890looks like this from the back, one side should overlap the other. Originally pants were close right over left like blouses (the other way round then mens shirts) but today it really doesnt matter since most jeans close the “male way” left over right;)

DSCF3891pin the zipper like this to the side thats below the other

DSCF3892and sew close to the edge

DSCF3893pin the zipper closed again

DSCF3894and pin the other zipper side to the other facing (just to the facing

DSCF3895fold open and sew the other zipper side. Then pin and sew the extra facing part to the lower side at the seam allowance

DSCF3900looks like a pants zipper already

DSCF3957then sew that typical seam from the end of the zipper to a parallel line to the top

DSCF3933sew the facing part to the facing on the other side to give it an end point

DSCF3935just a few stitches at the end

DSCF3901fold the facing of the back pockets inwards, sew it, then foldthe seam allowance inwards (best with ironing) and pin it to the right lace;)

DSCF3902sew around close to the edge

DSCF3916for the front pockets you need your smaller pocket parts cut in lining (or a very thin fabric)

DSCF3924DSCF3925pin the lining right side facing each other to the pants, just the part where the pockets open

DSCF3927fold the pocket over

DSCF3926and sew in a seam close to the edge again

DSCF3929then fold it inwards

DSCF3930and place the other packet part

DSCF3931    sew the pocket parts together and your zipper and pockets are finished 😉


I hope you all had a great christmas with your friends and family 😉

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


    • thank you, maybe you should give it try 😉 its always great to make your own pants, because of the fit 😉 and if you hit any problem dont hesitate to ask me and I will try my best to help 😉

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