button facing


this is part of the christmas gift for my father, I thought it might be interesting for you how to do a button facing that ends before the hem. 😉

First you need to be sure how long you want your button facing and how wide.

DSCF4009next you cut a line exactly that length. and the width: your wished width minus (seam allowance times 2).

DSCF4010you need 2 strips of fabric:

length: wished length plus 2 x seam allowance

width: wished width plus 2 x seam allowance

fold them in the middle right side out and pin the open edges to the cut line also right side up

DSCF4013sew parallel to the edge the length of one seam allowance longer, then cut in a 45° angle to the end of the seam

DSCF4014then fold the strips in the cut, folding the seam allowances to the wrong side and pin the button facing closed

DSCF4015pin the end of the cut-in-seam-allowance to the end of both strips and sew right to the cut ends/seam ends

DSCF4019if your fabric frays like mine use overedging all around, then sew the neckhole the way you want to, I used bias binding and then added press buttons

DSCF4017and thats how it looked finished!


So I hope this is helpful for you. If there are any questions left, let me know! same if there are any other things you want a tutorial for let me know 😉

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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