This yarns are still up for trading!


just wanted to remember you, that I still have some yarns I am trading for fabric, buttons or other sewing supplies! Maybe one would fit into any planned project?

“Susanna” 350g, 88% acrylic 12% polyester, needle size 5-6 mm, 350g=875m

“Merano” brown, 200g, 70% acrylic 30% new wool, needle size 5-6mm, 50g=85m

“Merano” black, 186g, 70% acrylic 30% new wool, needle size 5-6mm, 50g=85m

“Bravo” 100g, black, 100% acrylic, needle size 3-4mm, 50g=150m

“Dolce”  100g, 49% Merino 49% Nylon 2% Cupro, needle size 7mm, 50g = 80m

“Bandero” 100g, 75% acrylic 25% polyester, needle size 8-9mm, 50g = 70m

 “Rio”, 160g, 100% polyester, 50g = 100m, needle size 4-5mm

200g ”Las Vegas” turquoise, 100% Polyester, needles 5-6mm, 50g=55m

100g “Brazilia” dark blue (even though it looks black on the pic, 100% polyester, needles 4.5-5.5mm, 50g=90m

100g “Brazilia” turquoise, 100% polyester, needles 4.5-5.5mm, 50g=90m

100g “Space” (lang yarns), dark blue with silver, 37% new wool, 36% acrylic, 27% Nylon, needles 6-7mm, 50g=130m

lydia print: 100% Poly-acrylic, blueish and greenish colors, 50g=50m, needle size: 8mm, 4 balls=200g

 Boston from Schachenmayr: 70% Acrylic, 30% New Wool, blue-turquoise, 50g=55m, needle size: 7-8mm, not sure how many balls that are, its a little messed up, but its in total=428g
Interested anyone?

If you like something and have a fabric laying around you probably will never use for anything, or old patterns, or buttons, I more then happy to trade with you. I am in a seventies phase, so every fabric and pattern that fits that color scheme and any pattern from that era will be most welcome. I also will be very happy about any cotton print, corduroy, fake fur and fake leather!

The rules are simple, if you like the yarn I put up and are the first to offer something for it I will swap with you! Offers can be made in the comments on facebook or twitter or by email to tailorfairy(at) We will exchange addresses and send our offers around the world to the other person.


keep sewing and smiling and trading

your TailorFairy


I love to read your comments

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