new sewing mag impressions starting next week


at the central station of munich today my friend showed me that magazine store that had a ton of different fashion mags from all over the world, so I bought all sewing mags I didnt know yet and now I am broke for the rest of the month ;). To buy foreign mags in Germany is pretty expensive, but I got a lot of great patterns. And I can tell you about them, starting next saturday. By the way: stay tuned for monday, I get back to show you fabric stores on mondays. 😉

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



  1. I, too, would spend my rent money on sewing mags, but unfortunately, where I live the shops don’t carry them. So I subscribe to just Burda and have a roof over my head.

    • I think you took my saying about being broke a little to literal, it has nothing to do with rent. 😉 So dont worry about me 😉 just that I notice that the blog is often more expensive then I thought.

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