Cloth sewing mag impressions


so today is the last sewing mag I found when I was in munich. 😉 And its called Cloth. It is from the UK. So this time no language troubles, well not so much at least. 😉

The magazine starts with “cloth loves” with pictures and ideas about fashion and sewing. Then they name 5 trends they see, and have projects for 4 of them, the fifth is kind of included in all by the colors they use. Then they have quite a few customizing or upcycle tutorials.

They also have an essay about the history of the teenager in the 50s and following pages: cloth inbox, giveaways, sewing stories, my wardrobe, the tailors, cloth Q&A, cloth spotlight, city guide: paris, events&courses, stitches, mini make. They also have a part of the mag called home comforts with cloth loves, swatch, shop and 2 projects.

DSCF4237DSCF4238In total the mag comes with 4 patterns and 5 tutorials for other projects and some additional ideas how to customize your cloth for a prize of 4.95£. For me it was 10.95€. This issue 16 also came with a personal sizing guide which is a great idea, but for me the size and form seems a little unpractical. Anyhow for me its a fun magazine worth testing, if it fits with your personal taste.



keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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