long skirt drawing

DSCF4422figurine: ModeFigurinen by F.V.Feyerabend



    • I do them by hand, with figurines, pencil, pen and copics. I just prefer drawing by hand.
      I use some commercial patterns, if I think explaining the construction by pictures wouldnt work, but I show how to change up patterns into something similar, when wished for. All the others I do myself, some based on clothing items I own.

    • you are giving me an idea. I already got a request to show how to draw a figurine, so maybe I should take step by step pictures of the later drawings as well? Would that be interesting for you? As for the pattern: if you want to you can send me a drawing (of course I link back to you) and I would do a tutorial for a pattern like that.

      • Thank you! I plan to start with some step by step drawings this week. 🙂 If you have a drawing you really would love to make and dont know how to start you can send it by email to: tailorfairy(at)yahoo(dot)com and I will do a pattern tutorial as fast as I can. 😉

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