how to draw clothing 1: a simple dress


as promised a how to draw a simple dress on the straight figurine:

DSCF4471place the paper with the figurine under another paper and start drawing a dress with a straight cut skirt

DSCF4472and give her an haircut 😉 can you see how I made the shoulders a little smaller, just because it looked better with the dress?

DSCF4473but then I decided I like wider straps better, and drew the body-parts through the paper that arent covered by the dress

DSCF4474and I gave her very simple shoes, with that straight pose its difficult to draw special shoes

DSCF4475if the fabric isnt elastic you need darts, my zipper is in the back, and some way to get in it;)

DSCF4476when I liked all my lines the way they are, I took a simple thin black marker and redrew the lines (and changed the haircut a little;))

DSCF4477looks like this, sorry its in a wrong angle

DSCF4478I normally dont draw full faces, because I think it isnt necessary, if you would like to have a how to draw for faces please leave a comment!

DSCF4479then I took 2 of my copics

DSCF4480and colored the hair

DSCF4481when the first layer dried I made some more lines, to give it the right look DSCF4482then I also colored the dress and did a terrible job at trying to color it evenly;)

So I will show you how to draw different items of clothing over the next weeks, starting with the easy stuff, if there is a special item you want to know how to draw, just let me know and I will try to incorporate it into this series. 😉

keep sewing and smiling and drawing

your TailorFairy

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