how to draw a figurine 2: contra-post pose


so here is the next pose, I am not sure if it is the same word in english, but since its latin I thought I just try it. Contra post, because the hips and shoulders move in opposite directions. when you know a better word for that pose, please let me know! well anyhow, it looks a lot more natural of a standing position, and in general, if you’re better at drawing then me. 😉

DSCF4505start with the a blank paper and your 8 strips paper below it, and start with the circles again

DSCF4506DSCF4507but lower one hip joint a little and move the other side up a little, lower the shoulder above the higher hip and move the other one up. make sure the ankle of the leg from the higher hip is right at the middle line, in the middle below the hips, so your figurine will not look like she’s falling over to one side. then start drawing the body-forms in between the joints

DSCF4508draw a circle from the waist, with the middle in the shoulder, so you know where to place the elbow, then draw elbow and wrist

DSCF4509 starts looking like a person 😉 the other leg can be placed anywhere because the weight is all on the leg, below the raised hip, thighs and lower leg need to be the same length, unless you put it below or in front, but there will be another tutorial for that

DSCF4510draw contours all around

DSCF4511draw with a marker

DSCF4512I fixed the waistline a little, because it looked wrong 😉 its still is not perfect, but well, it works…

If you have any special poses you are interested in please let me know. 😉 Next figurine tutorial next tuesday.

keep sewing and smiling and drawing

your TailorFairy

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