following my addiction… to the fabric store

well I actually needed some things and 80% were on my shopping list. 🙂

DSCF4606 DSCF4607 this one just screams summer dress for me and

DSCF4608 DSCF4609 those would fit great with this dress

DSCF4610ok the flower print isnt yellow, but the other colors are like this drawing, even though they might look a little different in the pic

DSCF4612simple red cotton, I am thinking of another maxi skirt…

DSCF4613white lining for the winning outfit

DSCF4614ok, I just couldn’t not buy that, its a cotton with a little spandex, didnt decide yet what it will become… ideas anyone?

DSCF4615🙂 my treasures, next station: washing mashine

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


    • yeah 🙂 I cant wait, but first there is my dads birthday, so not a lot sewing this weekend, and then I gotta finish the checked shorts and jacket before I can move on. well there is no summer in sight anyhow… 😦 Is it better where you live?

      • You seem very busy … I have a lot of sewing plans however so far I am fixed on pants – I am trying to make proper fitted one – terrible! Regarding weather in NL – the same as at your place – hidden – difficult to find. I hope it will be better soon.
        Good Luck!

      • Netherlands? well then you are pretty close, so it would have been surprising if your weather was much better 😉 Yeah really good fitted pants are a art in themselves, dont give up, in the end it will pay off 😉

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