how to draw clothing 3: a circle skirt


so I’m showing you how to draw a circle skirt twice, one time when the fabric is firmer and one time with a really soft fabric, I hope that is helpful for you! If you have special items of clothing you want to know how to draw, let me know and they will be featured within the next weeks.

DSCF4616so if the figurine would be laying on her back the skirt would lay like this, just so we are all on the same page about what a circle skirt is, this also makes it easy to have a form you can start with

DSCF4617first I draw a skirt made of firm fabric, this skirt will have still quite some volume on the hem

DSCF4618if you were looking from the floor the folds would be big and go in soft circles

DSCF4619but your looking from the front so you dont see the big circles, be careful not to place the folds to even, or it will look more like pleats

DSCF4620make the side line and them hem a little more “wobbly” so it will look natural and not drawn with a ruler

DSCF4621as you might notice with the hands on the hips it would never looked like on the left side

DSCF4622of course there will be other folds and ruffles were the skirt is pushed together

DSCF4623 DSCF4624but again it should be only a few but big ones, since thats what firm fabric would do

DSCF4625a soft fabric behaves totally different, it will follow the hips and go straight down from there (right angle to the ground), if you legs are wide open of course it will follow the leg

DSCF4626 DSCF4627 there gonna be a lot of little folds and such

DSCF4628 DSCF4629 DSCF4630 DSCF4632 start with coloring it evenly in your wished color

DSCF4633and then go in there with a slightly darker color (mine is way to dark but it shows what I did better) and put some shadows into the skirt.

What do you think?

keep sewing and smiling and drawing

your TailorFairy


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