plaid shorts pattern


here are the first steps for the plaid shorts and jacket. Starting with the pattern for the shorts:

DSCF4576take your shorts and carefully copy front and back pattern. the back will be a little more complicated, since you need to pull it around the front.

DSCF4577add some cm to the front for the later zipper

DSCF4578add seam allowance all around. I gave it some additional cm all around making sure the pants will be big enough, I also added cm on the top and hem

DSCF4579draw on your pocket

DSCF4580do the same with the back

DSCF4686copy the pocket parts out, one part until the side-seam, one until the pocket line, and also cut to the pocket line at the front part, of course with seam allowance


I hope that was helpful for you and please let me know about any questions left! Don’t forget to vote for the next tutorial you want to have.


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. I sometimes make patterns from clothes I already own but I’ve never tried shorts or trousers. I’ll be interested to see how they turn out.

    • For me that normally works very well, if the fabric of the original and the one I want to use have similar qualities. 😉 But some failures also taught me to be careful and better have a to big seam allowance, if it fits you can still cut it off, but if it turns out to small and you dont have it, its so sad. I hope it works fine for you as well!

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