another skirt drawing

DSCF4956figurine: ModeFigurinen by F.V. Feyerabend


  1. I like the color combination. It’s rather fitting for autumn. But, the fringe vest looks small over the long skirt hiked up high on the waist. It reminds me of Sleeping Beauty’s peasant dress/bodice combo.

      • What if the vest is merged with the blouse/top portion of the outfit like a second layer versus a separate garment? Otherwise, I’d lower the waist band of the skirt portion (whether or not that is separate from the top/blouse portion) or add a broad band around the middle…either a belt with a big buckle or a tie sash.

      • I like the separate garments, gives you more possibilities to wear it with different things. I also like waist-high skirts 😉 a belt might be a good idea, what is a tie sash?

      • Maybe, but the separate garments need to be uniquely exquisite to be original. Otherwise, the pieces might be “been done” items. Put together as a dress, it might open possibilities, too. A tie sash…like an obi on a kimono. A fabric belt without a buckle. It is merely knotted or capped with something like a medallion (reference Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

      • I definitely have a problem with having to much dresses, lots of tops but missing the bottoms ;). You seem to know a lot more tv-shows then me ;).

      • You have too many dresses? Or, you design too many dresses? Does that mean I watch TV and you do not? I think I only mentioned one or two shows.

      • I do not have a tv, so probably everyone has seen more tv shows then me. I normally also sew the stuff I draw, so designing means the same as having 😉

      • Some would tell me they do everything on their PC/Mac including watching TV shows/movies. I have an old-fashion, limited TV and watch a few things. I also have watched much more in past years/growing up. I wouldn’t, couldn’t imagine someone growing up without a TV.

      • I say that about not having the latest toys/gizmos. I grew up being “uncool”/unpopular. I had to use my imagination to make things. And, as a result, most people thought me weird and ignored me. Others found me a curiosity like a TV show they watch for a while before changing channels. I haven’t found my niche/outlet, yet. I’d also say TV has been a huge source of inspiration. It gave me plenty of character types to consider. It showed me artistic styles. And, it showed me what works apart from what fails miserably:P

      • Aha, so you had movies and DVDs. I guess you are in Europe–which could be a whole different world from what I know:P–as I have never seen any French/Belgian comic books. I have only seen two French animations. Le Chat (I think it’s called) and The Triplets of Belleville.

      • maybe you know Tintin? its been made into a movie a few years back. and yes I live in europe, germany to be exact.
        I am a little obsessed with movies I guess;) but I started when I was 15 or 16 with dvds, when my sis bought her first laptop you could watch dvds with.

    • I definitely want to make the skirt. I made quite a few blouses and tops lately I definitely need some skirts and pants to with them. 🙂 It will be up for a vote when my new sewing studio and the move are finished. 🙂 If it gets the most votes I also will make blouse and vest/waistcoat.

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