how to make skinny pants into flared pants


so here are finally the step by step pictures of how I turned my skinny pants into flared pants:

DSCF4846I put the pants on and marked from what point I wanted it to start getting wider

DSCF4858then I cut the side seam off up to that point, inseam and side seam on each leg

DSCF4861then I took that seam as a template

DSCF4862to draw a triangle

DSCF4863and added twice the seam allowance all around (I should have added additional cm additionally at the hem, it was almost to short in the end)

DSCF4866then I took the fabric I wanted to use for this and folded it twice, Β that way that 4 layers of fabric were on top of each other

DSCF4867then I pinned my pattern to it and cut it

DSCF4868now I pinned it into the pants, wrong side out

DSCF4869at the corner I cut in so all would fit together

DSCF4870DSCF4871and I tried to leave as much fabric open at the later hem as possible, as mentioned it was a little short


DSCF5010then I sewed them in and also used my serger for the open edges

DSCF5011next I pinned the hem at the triangles and sewed

DSCF5012 (copy) DSCF5015and finished are my new/old pants.

I hope this was helpful for you! Let me know if there are any questions! Suggestions, ideas and wishes are also most welcome.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



    • Thank you! I myself do think skinny pants do not look good on me. So maybe I can find some old pants I wouldn’t miss, and turn them into skinny pants… I will be looking…

      • Awesome! Thank you! I have so many flares that I don’t wear that I would love to alter! I wear a ton of skinny jeans!

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