What do you pay for fabrics?


how are you doing?

The last days I spent on a hunt for the right fabric for the skirt in the drawing with the jacket I already finished. After 3 fabric stores who had a lot of beautiful fabrics but not the right color or material, I went to my last resort. This fabric store is huge and they have so many wonderful fabrics, but I was a little (ok, a lot) shocked by some of their prizes.

I don’t know maybe it is just me, but I mostly buy fabrics if they have a reduced prize. I just don’t have the money to buy some of them for their full prizes, and even if so, I am not sure if I ever could get myself to buy a plain but pretty fabric for 50 € the meter. I actually think everything under 10€ is ok, 10 to 20 you sometimes have to spend… but more then 20 € per meter? 

What are your limits of fabric prizes? whats the most expensive fabric you ever bought? (I once bought a wonderful fake fur for a stuffed animal for a friend for 80€/m, but it was just perfect and it was a good month money-wise). and was it worth the prize? I am really curious about your experiences with fabric prizes!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. For me, cost depends on my budget. But if it’s the right fabric for my project, the right color as well then I am willing to spend a higher cost on quality fabric provided I have the money. If I can find something that is beautiful and equally useable yet at a lower cost then I’ll probably go with that if my budget is tight (which it usually is). Certain projects I won’t compromise on though.

    • like me with the fake fur for that gift. 🙂 when I buy real thick velvet, or something like cashmere I understand high prizes but sometimes I just stand there and wonder why it is so expensive;)

  2. I would be too afraid to cut really expensive fabric. I prefer to look for something wonderful on market stalls, and yes, I am often very lucky & find something good.

  3. I always try to purchase my fabrics on sale or with a discount coupon, so I generally don’t pay more than $15 a yard. However, if its for a specific project I will make an exception for a grande outfit! Even then, I’ve only paid more than $20 a yard for upholstery fabric.

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