how to make a flap skirt: waistband part 2 and flap


I am sorry I kept you waiting for the next steps.  If you did miss the first parts you can find them here.

DSCF5039for the longer waistband-part I folded it in the middle and placed both ends on top of each other

DSCF5040then I folded it over again and cut in a 45° angle

DSCF5041to have triangles at the end, I haven’t thought this through, you will see in a few pics why;) 

DSCF5044 DSCF5045 then I folded the ends in the middle and pinned, the part that later will be attached to the back of the skirt stays open

DSCF5046sewed and cut the corners back and you get a feeling for my mistake if you look at the triangles at the ending

DSCF5056after turning them right side out you can see how I forgot to plan with the seam allowance so my triangles moved to one side, but I decided to keep it that way;) if you want an even triangle, remember to only draw it on the later seen part, leave the seam allowance open;)

DSCF5059now I pinned the flap to the front of the skirt

DSCF5060and sewed, start and end 1cm before the open edge

DSCF5061then folded the seam allowance (the 1cm) inwards and the flap up

DSCF5062DSCF5063and the the inner seam allowance inward and pinned all in place, and sewed in the fold of the original seam, I also sewed up into the flap at the corners, to sew the short waistband parts, into the flap

DSCF5064now I cut in the seam allowance at the end of the seams of the waistband

DSCF5065DSCF5066and pinned the waistband, right side to right side all around the back waist. Then I sewed.

DSCF5068DSCF5069folded the waistband up and over, the inner seam allowance inside and pinned again, then I sewed in the fold of the original seam again, so my seam pretty much is invisible

DSCF5070on the inside you can of course see the stitches

DSCF5071next monday: straps and buttons

I hope this was helpful for you! Let me know if you have any questions!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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