october drawing winner almost finished!


I forgot to let you vote on the november drawings 😮 I just realized that, I am really sorry, its only 2 drawings though and christmas is coming fast, and I have something planned for january (I will not tell you yet, what), so I am afraid the next vote will be for the november, december and january drawings.

Anyhow this one is almost finished, just all the hand-sewing still left to do:

DSCF5584 DSCF5585just put it over the clothes I was already wearing to test the fit and show you;)

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

Hobby Warehouse


  1. […] so my cold and some headaches keep me at home, so I didn’t get to really start with my UFO finishing January yet. But I thought I could at least start by doing this: finishing the hand sewing on this dress. […]

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