how to sew flared pants with appliqued flowers: pattern and cutting


even though I wore this pants before, I sadly forgot to take a picture, so I have to start this without showing you the finished project on me.

DSCF5252 (copy)I used the pattern I made for the dungarees, without the flap

DSCF5812I wanted a zipper in front so I added some part at the centre front for the fly

DSCF5813and at the side seam I folded for the pockets 

DSCF5836then I used an old back-pocket pattern

DSCF5837added some cm on the top and cut twice

DSCF5838for the front pockets I folded the fabric and placed the front part on it, so the bottom of the pocket is the fold, I only did it as wide as half the front part

DSCF5839then I used that pattern to cut another

DSCF5841folded both open  and placed them on top each other

DSCF5842and then cut the part of I folded at the front part

DSCF5843now I cut the flowers, big ones in green

DSCF5844and small ones in orange, I used pictures of old advertisements as reference for these

I hope this was helpful for you, I will try and get a picture of me wearing the finished pants until next week, when I show you the next steps.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy 


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