knitting plans for next week


I will spend the next week helping in a store, which often means sitting and waiting for customers. So I decided I should start a nice knitting project, since I can put it away when customers come in, but it also gives you a good theme to start talking about. Its been a while since I did knit a lot, but I still have all of my magazines and books, I bought then. In one of them, sabrina march 2011, I found this cute sweater:


I made 2 test-swatches for testing the pattern. (can you see the mistake in the beige one?)


Well I will make the sweater with that beige yarn and keep you posted how its coming along over the next week. 😉 By the way, would you be interested in knitting tutorials as well? Or maybe just something special you would like to know how to do?

keep sewing and knitting and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. Good idea and love the sweater. I realized the other day out of everything I know how to do (at least basically) knitting is not my thing. I am glad you (and my sister) like it.

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