knitting in trains


I don’t know if i told you, but my sewing studio is on the other side of Berlin, it takes me about an hour with trains and busses from my home to get there. So how do I spend that time? I am knitting. Have you ever been to Berlin? Its normally a place where everyone focuses on themselves and isn’t interested in the people around. Well at least in public transportation its usually that way. That might explain why I am amazed how people react to my knitting. Well most of IMG_0314them just stare, but I wanted to tell you about 2 incidents so far: About 2 weeks ago I was still knitting the socks for my mum and while sitting in a full train and knitting I noticed that the woman next to me looked at what I am doing. Then all of the sudden she says: “oh thats socks” and we spend the rest of the train-ride talking. Mostly she didn’t want to believe that the yarn does that pattern itself, she thought I must concentrate really hard to create that lines and waves;)

Yesterday a young woman just stood right in front of me with a bag and a knitting project in her hands, saying: “you seem to know things about this, what do I do when I want to stop knitting and finish the project, what to do with all the stitches on the needles?”

Well lets say, I like what something small like knitting does to people. 😉 Did you experience anything like that?

keep sewing and smiling and knitting 

your TailorFairy




    • yeah, knitting seems to be something weird to do… but it looks like almost everything is weird then looking at your phone or pad and not looking at the people around you;)

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