lets talk about christmas…


I know this title is kind of weird considering it July. 😉 But I had to start early with this project.

I am not sure if you are familiar with the concept of Adventskalender or advent calendar as I noticed is the more english word for it. In Germany and some other European Countries this is a tradition to have a calendar to count down the 24 days of Dezember to Christmas. They used to be just 2 thick papers glued together, with little doors on the top layer you could open and find a nice christmassy picture behind. Then they started to put small pieces of chocolate behind each door, in front of the pictures. Nowadays you can buy them with pretty much anything… perfum, make up, model trains, toys… but nothing for crafty people or even more nothing for people who like to sew. And every year in November I thought: I should do an advent calendar for seamstresses… and then I forgot about it until the next year. So this year I wrote myself a note in my calendar and started sewing an advent calendar in July. 🙂


DSCF7555looks like this.

It has 24 pockets that will be filled with 3 fat quarters, at least 2 zippers and 3 sets of buttons and other sewing supplies like thread, sewing needles, pins, seam ripper, measuring tape…. and much more.


I will do this in different main color-option, the pictures show what a blue one could look like, that also applies to the supplies its filled with, with the blue one you would get fat quarters that have lots of blue in them, blue zipper and buttons and so on.



What do you think? If you like my idea you can go over to etsy and pre-order one for next Dezember, or to dawanda if you are from Germany. All orders until September 15th have free shipping.

DSCF7582I tested it and it fits on a lot of different doors and windows.


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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