for which pattern would you like a tutorial? burda 9/15


so this week my blogging schedule got a little mixed up, the latest issue of burda style magazine got to the stores yesterday, so I will talk about the patterns today and let you vote. This weeks *quick and easy*-tutorial will be “how to sew a tote” and will be uploaded tomorrow, so stay tuned!

This burda has lots of nice patterns I would love to make, but sadly they all require quite some meters of fabric. Since money is tight at the moment, I have to make it work with the fabric I still have. So this month the winning tutorial probably will include some pattern alteration so I will be able to use some fabric I still have.

Well this are the patterns I picked (all pictures belong to burda style):

(as always if you have a specific pattern you would like a tutorial for, just let me know and I will do my best, same about any tutorials for parts of some garment you want to sew or are sewing, like special zippers, pockets or such)

IMG_0913IMG_0919IMG_0927dress #101 I really like this look but there is no way I have enough fabric for this and a shorter skirt wouldn’t look that good, so I will make the top-part longer and turn it in a nice blouse

IMG_0914IMG_0915IMG_0922IMG_0923IMG_0925dress #111/112 I like the knotting detail. What I do not understand about this pattern is why the back-skirt-part has such a wider angle in the circle then the front skirt, so I will even that out, also for fabric saving matters and see, how long I can make the skirt with the fabric I have

IMG_0916IMG_0920IMG_0921IMG_0926IMG_0929tunika/dress #113 this one looks like a fun summer top/dress, I will definitely put pockets in it (who doesn’t love pockets) but not with a contrasting fabric like in the dress, length again depends on fabric given

IMG_0917IMG_0924IMG_0928 jersey dress #120 this one I would shorten into a top, but I love that big cowl

Well I know its limited this time, but maybe some of the alterations to patterns might be interesting for you as well?

as always you can vote for your favorite 1, 2 or 3 tutorials. This poll will close in 2 weeks, thats August 27th. I am already curious what you pick!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy 



  1. I voted for #120. Been looking at the instructions and cant understand the instructions. Any chance you could do this cowl top as well please? Thanks. Hila

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