4 year blogiversary – delayed


with moving and my new job, looking for an apartment and missing my sewing machines, which are still back in Berlin, I forgot my blogiversary. 😮

Well lets celebrate it anyways! tailorfairy.com turned 4! (2 days ago)

Thank you all for making my little world in the internet a success, thank you for your support, questions and ideas!

Right now it is a little tricky to get to posting regularly, but I spend last weekend sewing and photographing, so this weekend will be spend writing posts and scheduling them for next week. 🙂 so you will get some new tutorials. Last wednesday a new burda got to the stores, the vote for the next tutorial will be up soon.

Well at least I hope so, money is quite tight and I don’t know if I can keep buying fabric for 1 big tutorial and 4 beginner tutorials each month. Keeping the blog going like this costs me about 100 € per month in fabrics and magazines and 80€ per year for the rent of the online-space. That is 1280€ per year in total. Considering the last 4 years the blog had an average of 5000 visitors each year, so it would be enough if everyone donates 0.25€ : I could keep the blog open this way for another year. So I will open a account for the blog and will appreciate everyone putting something in it. I will never just close the blog, but I might have to reduce the number of tutorials I do per month without your help, just for money reasons. I will gladly invest my free time in making more helpful tutorials for you. I will keep you posted about the account balance and as soon as I got the money for the next year together I will tell you all about it and will not ask for any more until next year.

I feel so very bad that I have to ask you for money. 😦 If you do not feel like donating money you could also send me spoonflower gift cards, so I can buy some fabric for new tutorials.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always:

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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