thumbless days – chapter 15


Did you miss me? Thanks to taking the pills in the evening and at night now, I was yesterday so sleepy, I was almost a zombie. I could not even remember what I did that day. Which was not much, as usual nowadays.  I mostly watched TV and did some dishes, bought some black for my printer and groceries.

Today was not much more exciting, just that I went to teach one sewing class to test if I can get to work. Since only one person was attending it was an easy test… I will do another one tomorrow and see. For now, I am not sure if the splint is really helping me or making it worse. I am talking with my hands, and because of that and other reasons, my thumbs are always fighting against the splint. That makes the pain kind of worse. So I am trying to switch between the splint and no splint… Let’s see how that works out.

keep on smiling

your TailorFairy

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