traveling – thumbless days – chapter 20


This weekend I traveled to Göttingen for my dads B-day. Traveling by train with just one hand was tricky, but I managed ok. Luckily I only had to change trains once.

Göttingen is a university town right in the center of Germany. If you did not study there or travel by train quite regularly, you probably do not know this town. 😉

So here are 2 pics I took to give you an idea:fullsizeoutput_686


This is the old town hall, but what’s more important is the small metallic girl in front of it. She is called Gänseliesel, and if you got your Ph.D. in Göttingen, you have to climb up to her and give her flowers and a kiss. 😉 I wanted to take a picture with Button and the Gänseliesel, but sadly I was a little pressed for time, so climbing up, placing Button, climbing down, taking a picture and retrieving Button was out of the question.


IMG_0171Since at least half of the residents of Göttingen are students, this should not be surprising. 😉 It is only part of the bicycles parking at the train station. I wonder if bicycles are gregarious animals and I should get Leif some company. 😉

Anyhow, my left hand is still feeling a little weird after that cortisone injection. If I make a wrong move, the pain is totally different from before, and parts of my thumb feel numbed when touched. So I hope these are signs of improvement.

Does anyone of you have any experience with tenosynovitis and cortisone and can give me some tips?

keep on smiling

your Fairy

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