8-year-blogiversary + giveaway


It’s hard to believe, but this little blog went online precisely 8 years ago. Thank you for sticking with it! Even in the 2 years, I wasn’t blogging! And also after I shifted the focus a little bit when I started again! I really appreciate each and every one of you!

In honour of the occasion, I want to find a home for one of Button’s relatives still living with me, always watching Button jealously when I take him on my trips.

This is Ilan. If you would like to give him a new home and have an excellent companion for all your adventures, leave a comment below, why you need a companion and why Ilan would be happy with you. On 19-09-17  I will randomly pick one name of all the comments and send him to that person. No matter where you are.

I also would highly appreciate if you take a few minutes to answer these 3 questions and help me with making my blog posts more interesting for you! 

(you can pick more than 1 answer)

(you can pick more than 1 answer)

(you can pick more than 1 answer)

Thank you!


keep sewing, exploring, photographing and smiling

your Fairy 

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