TailorFairy History: a jacket and its lining


This will be the last history-post about something from 2013, next week we are moving on to 2014. This week’s post, I am talking about, actually was not very well-read in 2013, it also did not have very many likes… so how did it make its way into the history posts? Well, it has been the most-read post (or one of them) of every year since:


If any of you can explain to me why this one post is so popular, please share your insight with me!

It is a post from a series about me sewing a jacket with a fake-fur lining. And this famous post describes how I sewed the zipper and the lining into the jacket.

I loved that jacket. It was comfy and warm enough for autumn and spring. Sadly I had to let it go last year, the outer fabric was giving up on me. One funny fact about this jacket: After wearing it for a year something started to sting me, and I found a pin I must have forgotten inside. 🙂

So what do you think? Did you read that post at some point before today? Can you understand why it is so popular?

keep sewing and smiling

your Fairy


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